Minimum mess makes – Spring pictures.

concentrating hard

As I blogged recently, I have some issues with mess. Since then, I’ve been trying to make sure that we do something crafty or sensory pretty much every day that we’re here (if we’re out and about I don’t bother quite so much!) I wish I’d written more nine/ten years ago about what I did […]

Stepping up to the messy play plate.


I don’t like sticky, messy things. I’m not even fond of kneading dough or mixing cake. And as a young child, Small was much the same. It’s not fair though, to let that impact on the younger two. So since Christmas I’ve been making a real effort to get crafty and messy with them. We’ve […]

Sometimes I forget the important things

crafts from weekendboxclub

And I need a little reminder. Today we were sent a WeekendBoxClub box for review and knowing that I’m away this weekend, I thought I’d get started on it straight away. I’d forgotten how lovely it is to spend one to one time with Smallest, focusing on her and just doing something for her. I […]

Minotaur peg doll puppet for historyetc

Once a month or so we clamber in the car and trek a fair distance to meet up with other home educating families and join in a history club. It’s based loosely on The Story of the World: Ancient Times, and I can’t remember if this is our second or third session – may be […]

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