We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – DVD review and party announcement.

This Thursday, I’m helping host a We’re Going on a Bear Hunt twitter party. There will be tweeting, from UKMumsTV and if you want to find out more about it all, just click on the party button above. I’m guessing that most of my readers are already familiar with We’re Going on a Bear Hunt […]

Lego Carcraft High speed chase.

Can you do something with Lego for carcraft went the email. Well, yes. I can hand it to my son and his ZU3D kit, and let him animate it. So here you go. One Carcraft Lego high speed chase. All Small’s own work. He’s good, isn’t he? (and yes, I’ve spoken to him about clearing […]

Pirates! And plasticine at the pirate castle.

We went here. There was pirate food. A man with a beard. Some plasticine and instructions. And about an hour later, a dodo. Lovely to see Maggie, who has also blogged it here Joanne (and finally put a face to the online persona!) And meet Julie. Thank you DNA PR and Aardman Digital for a […]

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