Downsizing in the extreme way

Home education and blogging about it, has brought me into contact with lots of ppl from different walks of life.

There are small families, dedicated to their single offspring, through to large families with a whole tribe of children. Families where the father works and mother educates, families where the mother works and the father educates and families where the parents share and share about.

There are families with allotments, growing their own, and families in towns with barely a garden. Lots of them keep blogs, so if you tootle around the blogring (yellow box up there on your left), you can meet them too.

Today I’d like to talk about one family in particular. They are a very normal family. Mother, father, son, daughter. They started off looking really quite conventional – they hated camping, were a bit retail crazy 😉 and ate meat, but didn’t rear it.

Over the years I’ve known them, they’ve changed. Tents crept into their holiday lifestyle. Chickens took up residence in their garden, and yarn crafts in their relaxation time. They got an allotment and grew (and ate!) vegetables. They even, shock horror, got a table!

And this year, they decided on a massive change. They’ve decluttered their house, from top to bottom, bought a campervan, and next year, they are going to spend the year WWOOFing.

I take my hats off to them. It’s an incredible step, and not one I think I could make. I am hoping that we can catch up with them along the way next year. I’ve even considered campervan hire so that we can spend a bit of time alongside!

There’s a blog, obviously where you can read the backstory to this decision, and how the decluttering process is going. Nic is very open to questions, and I suspect would love a few more followers, so do go along and say hi. She doesn’t bite. Often, anyway 😉

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