Bloglovin, syndication, and the canonical URL issue.

Many bloggers use bloglovin as a way for their readers to follow them and see their content. When it was just an RSS aggregation service, this wasn’t a problem, and many bloggers have built up hundreds, or even thousands of followers on the service, and see a good amount of traffic from it. Right at […]

Quick fixes: down and dirty blogging how-tos at Blogfest 13.

Yes, I’m going to Blogfest 13. More than just going in fact, I’m on the panel mentioned above. As well as being available in the blog clinic again, to solve your technical blogging woes. I bring 10 years of experience in blogging, 9 of it on wordpress, as well as a background as a programmer. […]

Want to get off blogger and look at wordpress?

So Blogger (the host behind blogspot) has done something utterly awful, is inaccessible and has pulled a day’s worth of blogposts and comments. The blogging community is running in ever decreasing circles. You have options. There is which is v similar to blogger in that someone else runs the software for you, and it’s […]

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