Bella Broomstick by Lou Kuenzler.

Bella Broomstick

Today I’m very pleased to welcome Lou Kuenzler to the blog, with a guest post: Why a witch? My new funny series Bella Broomstick is about a young witch who is so bad at magic, she is expelled from the Magic Realm and sent off in disgrace to the Person World to be fostered by […]

What do you do if you don’t have a passion?


I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. We’re told to find our passion and follow it, find a way to love our work, or turn what we love into a career, commit, dive in, give it all you’ve got. What if you don’t have just one passion? What if you are interested in lots […]


I dare to dream, plan, draw, paint, photograph, design, crochet, fail, frog and try again. I dare to write. I dare to be.  Dare. I dare to dream, plan, draw, paint, photograph, design, crochet, fail, frog and try again. I dare to write. I dare to be. #wordoftheyear2016 #whpresolutions2016 #mymonthofsundays #making_winter #theinstaretreat #thehappynow #flatlay #moleskine […]

2015 Snippets


{remembering} bits of a year. There have been some big changes. {Big} joined cadets, reenacted 1920s without us, and started school. There were probably some other bits, but those stand out. She’s raced through the qualifications at cadets, mainly because she has only missed a couple of training nights since she started – one because […]

Happy new year


Frosty morning in the garden.   Decided against making resolutions, as all that happens is I feel bad about failing and then give up trying.  I have a whole stack of planners, and I’m looking forward to doing some work with JKP books reviewing some stuff on executive function. I am going to let my […]

Solstice at the beach.

still at the beach

I thought Solstice was yesterday. (In my defence, it’s often on the 21st. Except when it’s not, like this year. Solstice is the moment the sun reaches its most southerly position, which was 4.49 am or some such, so this morning’s sunrise was the one to watch.) Shame, because yesterday’s was better. Happy solstice! Went […]

First it was allegations of abuse, now it’s radicalisation – the dangers of home education


What *is* it that politicians think I’m doing with my children? I think I’m home educating them. Educating them otherwise than at school, as is my legal right. Well some of them. Tigerboy is too young to count, and Big is now in school, and don’t get me started on that. It is a parental […]

Wordless Wednesday – on the bike



Sunday snippets 13 December 2015


{wanting} to record snippets even though it’s not Saturday. It’s my post, so I can do it how I like I guess, given I never managed to build it up into a community linky. {trying} as ever to declutter. Slowly slowly isn’t working. Konmarie involves getting rid of books (shudder) so I didn’t even get […]

The tale of Mr Tod


  We went to the theatre this evening. It’s a small theatre, recently built by Red Rose Chain with a lottery grant I believe. We’ve seen them before, at theatre in the forest, which is usually a fairly dramatic production – we’ve seen a variety of different Shakespeare plays. This was very different. An adaptation […]

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