Conversations with strangers

Today I took Tigerboy to London. I’ll write more about that when I’m at a keyboard and have access to the pictures, right now I want to just make a note about an odd little happening.  We were outside the Natural History Museum, taking pictures by a bench. There was an older woman sitting with […]

Where the day went

Yesterday I misplaced most of the day. So today I’m going to make some notes as I go to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. First alarm 7.30 – ignored. Ahem. Second alarm 8.00. Got up and spent a minute or two staring at social media, then staggered into kitchen – kettle on and […]

A day with a distinct lack of fairies.

I don’t quite know where today went. I seem to have had one of those days when you run very fast, and get nowhere? There’s the usual – feeding people, housework bits, feeding cats (only one cat, but he bleats so much he seems like more than one), popping to the shops for more milk, […]

That Christmas countdown

It’s been a pretty low key advent here so far, mainly due to my inability to stay upright and awake for an entire day at a time. But I’m going to try to chuck in a few more activities, to get the children in the mood hopefully without sending them into orbit. (It’s a fine […]

Sleepy Sunday

I don’t know what is going on with me at the moment – basically all I want to do is sleep. Or lie in a warm comfortable bed at least, dozing gently. My joints ache rather than hurting while I’m in bed. Today while I’ve been up, despite maxing out the painkillers, and doing my […]

Saturday snippets 10 December 2016

disclosure: links to places you can buy stuff are probably affiliate links, unless I’ve been unable to sign up with the seller. I make pennies. It costs you nothing. {not reading} lots of books. I currently have on the go On Writing by A.L.Kennedy (amazon affiliate link, as all amazon links are, The Earth Path […]

A paw patrol fail.

Tigerboy and I have had an oddly unsuccessful day. After a lot of warnings, he lost WiiU privileges after leaving the game pad on the sofa yet again. (About two minutes after I’d specifically told him to put it back on the cradle at that.)  This left him at a loose end for the afternoon. […]

Oh, baubles! 

It appears that after a good day, we have to have a crash. And today I crashed quite spectacularly, late afternoon, after receiving the news that I haven’t been shortlisted for the WriteNowLive program. The odds weren’t in my favour – we were trimmed from over 2000 to 150, seen in three groups of 50. […]

Happy birthday to me, or a day in the life.

I’ve had a very low key day, which has been extremely pleasant. I got up to make Big packed lunch, but she said she already had it in hand, so I went back to bed. At the moment the level of pain I’ve got from left shoulder and hip is tiring me out, and the […]

Contemplating home education styles, with a Teach My Preschooler kit review.

When you mention home education to people one of the first questions (usually right after ‘but how will they make friends?’) is how will they learn to read? Or do maths? The answer to that is all sorts of different ways, to be honest. Some children just seem to acquire reading in the same way […]

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