A day trip to Liverpool Biennial with Cass Art.

bluecoat software

Would you believe I’ve never been to Liverpool? Ridiculous, I know, but up until last Saturday, the absolute truth. But on Saturday, I got up at 5.30, and headed off for a day trip, invited to visit the Biennial 2016, a festival of contemporary art by Cass Art. Having never been to the city before, […]

Bottersnikes and Gumbles.

bottersnikes on train

A couple of weeks back, I took the two younger children down to London for the premiere of Bottersnikes and Gumbles, a new show available on CBBC and Netflix, based on an Australian book. At this point, you know as much as I did 🙂 If you mention Bottersnikes and Gumbles, you largely get blank […]

What’s your X Moment?

first day on skates

Parenting, or indeed life, is full of blink and you’ll miss it moments. Once upon a time, that was what happened, if you weren’t there, you weren’t looking, you lost your chance. Then came cameras, Polaroids, digital cameras, and now most of us have that powerful camera in our pocket in the form of our […]

Low on words


Perhaps they blew away at the beach, caught on the winds like the dreams of a child hoping to fly. Or were they buried like treasure by a pirate’s apprentice? Maybe they washed away in the rain, or faded with the rainbow? Or perchance I left them in a different century… I’ve lost them before, […]

When I grow up, I want to be Buffy.


It’s a beautiful day


to be in a field with friends. Try it sometime 🙂

You should be here.


Once in a lifetime should have been within your years. Miss you little sister. And I know this song is about a parent, not a sibling, but it’s close enough. (if you don’t know the back story, it’s here.)

10 ways to celebrate 10 years of Augustus and his smile.


Augustus and his smile by Catherine Rayner is a very lovely book. It’s about being sad, and finding ways of not being sad. Including dancing in the rain, and going on a very long walk through nature. It *always* makes me smile, and quite often inspires me to go out for one of those walks […]



Hard to believe that I’ve two teenagers now, but I do. Small, the baby named ironically because he was anything but (9 9 since you ask) is 13 years old today. He’s a wonderful, kind, quirky, gentle boy, full of intelligence and surprises.  Right now he’s growing like a shoot, and has braces so his […]

A day in pictures (snippets of Saturday)


As I’ve mentioned on twitter, I’m going through a low period at the moment. I’ve stepped back from social media a little because it doesn’t help to see all the things happening that I’m too far out of the loop to take part in. Yesterday though, I tried something a little different to help myself […]

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