Saturday snippets 9 may 2015


In pictures, because I’m tired! Doodling. Little feet. Sunset Kettle. I’ll add the snapshots when we get home

Just one Friday photo


Make of it what you will.

To do.


Because it doesn’t have to be linear does it?

Watercolour exploration


Our 300 picture book read the other night was The Tiniest Mermaid ( amazon link), which is a gentle tale of friendship, made particularly attractive by the inclusion of glowing scales. I don’t have the scales. But I studied the pictures for a while and then came up with this. It’s also influenced by the […]

Pratchett inspired pictures.


Saturday snippets 2 May 2015


{Watching} Aladdin with the younger children (well OK, with Smallest, as Tigerboy fell asleep almost instantly, which made for a wonderful bedtime later). Then When Harry met Sally with Big because we can’t watch it with Small around and he’s off at Kentwell with Tim. {Reading} A God in ruins. Which I started a while […]

Did I tell you I hate sewing?


Particularly when I don’t get to wear the costume.

The old days of blogging.


I miss them sometimes. When all we did was write about our day, and I used to wander round the blogring (must fix it) desperately hoping someone would have blogged. I used to use sage blogreader in thunderbird (newer readers are wondering what I’m talking about now!) and it would highlight when there was a […]

It’s the hard knock life for us!

it's the hard knock life for us grand finale

It can’t have escaped your notice that there’s been a remake of the Annie Movie, this time starring Quvenzhané Wallis, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx. And today it’s out to buy on DVD and Blu-ray. In the run up to this launch, Smallest and I had a very special day out in London, at the […]

Saturday snippets 25 April 2015


{watching} Annie for family film night. It’s Smallest’s new favourite film – full review from her on Monday, along with the video from the wonderful workshop we attended. Evenings are Once upon a Time, we’re on Season 4 and starting to panic slightly about what we’re going to watch next. {reading} Lots of phonic readers, […]

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