A good picture book day

picture book haul

Yesterday I took the three youngest over to a home ed fencing session near Cambridge. A long way to go for a couple of hours, but we made the most of it with a visit to a nearby library for the little ones while Small was fencing, and then we spent the afternoon in a […]

Around the blogosphere – what I’m reading this week.

Starting with a very personal and thought provoking post on parenting from Alice Langley on her new Project Wanderlust blog – through their eyes as well as this, also on parenting and positive attitudes from TigerlillyQuinn “I want them to be able to look back and know just how thankful I was everyday to be […]

Rattletrap car by Phyllis Root and Jill Barton

& Once upon a time when we had two children rather than four, we would quite often gather as a family for bedtime stories. And one of our absolute favourites was Rattletrap Car (Amazon link). It is pretty much the perfect picture book, gorgeous colourful pictures, lots of repetition and a fun (if implausible) story […]

Back up your blog.

I’ve spoken at a number of conferences, given technical advice online for years, and my number one tip is always BACK UP your blog. It’s your content, you’ve put time and effort into it. You wouldn’t want it to just disappear. So keep a copy. You all back up your blogs, right? On blogger and […]

Saturday snippets 8  August 2015

{making} silver jewellery. You’ll want to check the previous post. There’s a handy link at the bottom {reading} Oops. {watching} Vexed – not sure about it. Fringe – excellent use of Joshua Jackson, particularly playing piano, good continuity (beaten up in one episode, still showing bruises in next? That’s unusual.) Developing some humour, a good […]

Making silver clay jewellery with Emma Mitchell of SilverPebble

seedhead pendant

Today I treated myself to a day out. I drove across the fens to a beautiful cambridgeshire village, and went to a silver clay workshop run by the wonderful Emma Mitchell also known as silverpebble. I took lots of pictures. This is my workplace, complete with tile, craft knife, rolly thing (I’m just all over […]

Do you remember linking?

web. Not the right kind of web, but it's pretty

Last week when I wrote the period post, it went a tiny bit viral. Not very viral, but quite big for me, in that I was getting traffic from all sorts of odd places for three days after I wrote the post. That usually only happens when I review books on autism. I am a […]

Decision fatigue


At the weekend, our fridge freezer in the kitchen packed up. I say in the kitchen, because we also have one in the garage. One was here when we moved in, one we brought with us when we moved down. The one in the garage was frozen solid, and we decided to defrost it. Sadly, […]

Sketch on a Sunday

boy playing

and a Monday and a Tuesday… I’m trying to remember to do a quick sketch every day. Here’s today’s effort.

Saturday snippets 1 August 2015

garden games

{walking} because I can’t run. The pain level in my back/ leg is manageable if I take painkillers regularly, but that leaves me without my exercise outlet. Fitbit tells me I walked for 82 minutes today though, and covered 4.7 miles, which seems an optimistic interpretation, but I’ll go with it. Got to help, right? […]

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