Little moments of happy


We visited Kentwell Hall. We saw flowers and baby animals and Tudors and a rainbow. Somewhere during the day I found a few moments of happy. A boy in a puddle.    A peacock under a tree.    A few moments of a day. A starting place at least. And tomorrow, as they say, is […]

Snippets and snapshots


{missing} my weekly round up – I know I’ll regret those holes in the archives when I’m looking back at our lives. {feeling} like wading through mud would be easier than living through days steeped in depression. I want to be happy. I can’t remember how. I can’t find any energy to do things that […]

Pet Parade play garden with exclusive kitten.

close up kitty

My children love my blog. They particularly love my blog when big parcels containing toys arrive. This particular parcel had a Pet parade play garden, including an exclusive kitten, and they didn’t know where to put themselves – the excitement was almost too much. From the top – the box has carry handles, so that […]

Let’s talk about the A word.


Maurice (Christopher Eccleston), Alison (Morven Christie) and Joe Hughes (Max Vento) in The A Word. Photograph: Rory Mulvey/BBC/Fifty Fathoms So. BBC one showed a new drama, The A word, last night about a family discovering their son has autism. It’s very well acted – unsurprisingly given it includes Christopher Eccleston on fine, if somewhat grumpy […]

Planning an edible garden – and learning some stuff about learning


Last week I went on a teacher training course with RHS. It was at a people’s community garden in a nearby town, which turned out to be in the middle of some fabulous allotments. (I know it might sound a bit strange that a home educator went on a teacher training day, but even within […]

Blog awards – the ‘yes please I would like one’ approach


I have blogged many times on my attitude to blog awards. I have said that I won’t ask for votes. That if people want to nominate me that’s lovely but I won’t seek it out. Do you know what? Stuff that. This year, this blog is 13. It’s never won an award, and has recently […]

On being OK and not OK


   Today I’m not OK.  I didn’t realise how not OK I am until I massively and completely overreacted to realising I’d messed up the diary, and an event I had in mind as next week turned out to have been and gone this Wednesday. I dissolved, comprehensively and messily, and even now, some several […]

Saturday snippets 5 March 2016

{celebrating} Tigerboy being 4. He likes it 🙂 Odd feeling to know that the youngest is getting older and there will be no more – birthdays are milestones for more than just the child concerned I find. {Also celebrating} Smallest and her second missing tooth, and her learner of the year trophy from swimclub. (The […]

Win £100 Visa Card with DC Super Hero girls.

my superhero alterego

Super heroes are big news in our house and have been for years. But it has been an issue that there aren’t any girls to speak of in the media, they don’t feature in films, comics or TV series (and let’s not get started on merchandise) – Smallest particularly feels that that is an oversight. […]

Signs of spring?


   I thought I’d got away with it this winter. I thought I’d managed to balance creativity and activity, outdoors and hibernating, my ups and downs and that I was going to make it through this winter without my annual crash. I was wrong. Yesterday was a day too far. Despite sunshine and pretty pictures […]

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