Saturday Snippets 10 January 2015

{Watching} Ferris Bueller’s day off. So good. {Mainly sleeping} so completely fed up of feeling awful. {Reading} Not much. See sleeping. Picture to follow. Snapshots Big has got some charcoal pencils and is exploring those. Small is doing year 9 extension maths. Smallest is practising her reading and Tigerboy is launching into counting.19 fingers apparently.

Unfinished books.

Wild Cheryl Strayed

I seem to have a whole stock of unfinished tomes about at the moment. They’re stacking up. Sometimes it’s just that I find myself in a different place to the book I was reading. Sometimes I get interrupted. Yesterday I got approved for a title I’ve been desperate to read, so I got stuck in, […]

Getting back into the (home education) groove.


It feels like absolutely ages since it’s been anything resembling normal here, and for once that’s not just a feeling. We went to Christmas camp in the second week of December, and since then, there hasn’t been a day when the whole family has been well. Honestly, it’s been weeks of misery and illness, and […]

300 Picture books!

Last year I took part in Child led chaos 300 picture book challenge. I made it to 150 I think, and then lost track, heart, the plot and so on. (There were some really difficult bits towards the middle of last year.) Anyway, as Anne-Marie’s children are moving on to chapter books, she’s decided against […]

Whose birth fantasy is this anyway?

I was watching Dollhouse earlier tonight, and there was an odd throwaway scene at the beginning of the episode. There was a couple, with the woman in labour, and instead of being in a hospital with doctors and medical equipment and so on, they were in a cosy log cabin, with snow falling at the […]

Saturday snippets 3 January 2015


{reading} Empire. {watching} Arrietty for our first #familyfilmnight of 2015. It was great, I could really get into animation of that quality. And for once, a film that held the entire family’s attention throughout, which is nothing short of miraculous really. It felt a lot closer to the books than other adaptations we’ve watched, even […]

Bits and pieces

A day of bits and pieces. I’m deepening my understanding of wordpress architecture, and working on a redesign of the back end of the Shinglestreet book review blog. Which has been kicked back into life to record our 300 picture books. So that’s two targets achieved today – a picture book read, and several batches […]

Just ten minutes


No big resolutions here – I’m still smarting from the complete failure of this time next year two years ago. So I’m not trying for anything SMART Instead, a word. Dreams. I will dream. I will dream small, and big, and everywhere in between. And I’ll try to regularly (won’t say daily) try to spend […]

Goodbye sun


Goodbye year. If I were to choose a word for the year, and I’ve been trying, it would be afraid. For a number of reasons, I’ve been treading water, going nowhere fast. It’s not really a way to live a life. When you are afraid, you don’t grow, or explore, or make. You just get […]

Normal service


Yet to be resumed. So have a couple of pictures.

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