So, autism.

Back in my 20s, while doing a lot of martial arts (up to 5 2 hour sessions a week) I started getting problems with my knees. And sometimes my hips. And I had them checked out by doctors, had tests for arthritis (runs in the family) and no one could find anything wrong with them. […]

Saturday Snippets 12 July 2014


{Exploring} blogging from the new kindle fire. It’s really rather nice, though the screen isn’t big enough for touch typing so I’m finding that a bit challenging. {Feeling} tired after our third long day out in a week. Today was London for the launch of the Playmobil Suite at the Waldorf Hilton. It was a […]

Clara Vulliamy I Heart Holidays blog tour.

postcard from martha I heart holidays

We are big fans of Martha and the bunny brothers in this house, and very happy today to be hosting a stop on the blog tour for the new I Heart Holidays (Martha and the Bunny Brothers)(amazon link) book. We got our very own postcard from Martha isn’t that just brilliant? I am quite envious […]

Butterfly wings and Kindle Fire HDX


Every night at tea time we go around the table, asking how everyone’s day has been. Most evenings Smallest says it’s a secret and we move on to Small. Tonight she told us that Prince Charming made her butterfly wings that she wore through London until they blew away on the train station and that […]

Beautiful day today


If we gloss over the part where Small and I fell out over his current chat room addiction. (Pokemon related in case you’re wondering. ) Big and I processed the tent together, which is now packed away pending research on the best way to deal with the rip in the door from the other night. […]

Wildlife in the kitchen


I wish I knew where my camera is. I had it the other day. But I’ve been doing a lot of shifting things around, and there’s still a lot of bags about and right now it could be just about anywhere. So this is a phone snap. I don’t know what it is. I tried […]

Saturday Snippets 5 July 2014

sprint medals 2014

{feeling glad} to be back home. And also that I caught up on the washing before the rains set in. {missing} Kentwell nevertheless. And making plans for our next visit. {watching} NCIS. The episode where Tony diNozzo senior drops by. Very odd ending. Very odd episode. But enjoyable. (No family film night tonight, due to […]

Mobs at the beach and litter louts.


The first mob we saw was made up of seagulls. I’m not sure what had got them so excited, but they were loud about it. I like the sound, these days it reminds me of home. The second little group weren’t nearly as friendly. We were walking along the prom towards a group maybe in […]

Craft kits and washing and a tent in the garden


Yet another item out of the marvellous Baker Ross review box to start the day – Pirate boats. He’s following the instructions beautifully isn’t he? Although truth be told, the real hit from this box has been the toilet putty. No, I don’t know why either. Then the rest of the day evaporated in a […]

Sticky hair and other things


I have a massive backlog of book and other stuff that needs writing up. I’m sorry if you’re waiting for something in particular. I’ve been trying to be in the real world, getting real stuff done, while ignoring bits I don’t want to think about. But I couldn’t ignore the EEG appointment this morning. I […]

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