Watching caterpillars (oh, and Poppy Cat)

poppy cat arithmetic

Today we started with Poppy Cat. I’m a Poppy Cat blogger, and earlier this year (disgracefully earlier this year) we were sent some of the new magazines to review, along with a DVD of episodes. I have to say that Poppy is a big hit with both the little children, possibly even more so with […]

The shape of a day


Has shifted here. Again. Big getting up early for her paper round seems to be bringing the whole day forward. Small children wake up as she comes back, breakfast is happening sooner. After breakfast I am available for subject assistance and general educational enquiries. I’m trying to do something arty/crafty or otherwise hands on with […]

The little boy who talks


Tigerboy can speak. We have sentences. Prepositions even. He’s not always very clear, I suspect a lot of it wouldn’t be understandable outside the family. (Sometimes it isn’t within. ) There’s a deliberate time to it. Each word is pronounced separately, with a pause between them. But today we had “ice cream on top” and […]

Sunday snail


Upside down And right side up

Saturday snippets 30 August 2014

{mostly} lying down. Had a funny dizzy turn (no, not a fit) while sitting down in kitchen, and felt much better lying down. Probably only for a couple of hours, but it felt like the whole day. {running} before the dizzy turn. Though not immediately before. And only 0.8 miles. Slowly. I need to exercise. […]

I miss the past.

Again. I even miss getting wet and cold hands failing to felt a hat.

End of a long day


And another reenactment event.

I have no picture

To show you my son. Stood with his friends, performing a song to a packed room and taking the laughter in good part. To show him stood again some moments later, singing with gusto as they took part in an unexpected sing off. Unplanned, unrehearsed, yet hamming it up, great grin upon his face. To […]

Saturday snippets 23 August 2014


{Making} a felt hat. And this time I think it might work having a lovely time with a little team of felters on the barnsward. {Enjoying} the sun and dodging the little rain showers. And the sunsets. The sunsets here are just wonderful. {Marveling} how much pasta one small hungry boy can put away at […]

My son, the page.


He loved it.

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