Ginger bread and butter pudding


I have a habit of haunting the reduced shelves in the local coop. Recently they’ve been having some great deals on milk – we get through a lot anyway, but whenever there’s a big bottle (6 pints!) I bring it home and make some kind of milk pudding. Last night I grabbed a reduced price […]

If you go down to the beach today


you’ll need to be careful not to get lost in the fog. Very very thick fog. No foghorns – I assume it was too thick for the ships to be coming in at all. I guess Operation Stack would have lorries lined up down the roadside. I don’t know though, because I didn’t leave town […]

Saturday snippets 31 October 2015

{walking} to the beach whenever possible. This week has been good for chances to get out. I’m cherishing every one. {decluttering} a whole 11 books, a sack of toys and a sack of clothes this week. It’s a start. And I think it was slightly more than came into the house, so that’s a positive. […]

Sun dogs and sandcastles


I hate clock change time. I’m not good with sudden change, and this time of the year it seems to just pile up – one minute it’s summer (beginning of this month we were on the beach in T shirts), next it’s practically winter – it was 2 degrees this morning. 2! Best way to […]

Getting up. Going on.


I’ve been throwing a few ideas around in my head recently, to do with autism, diagnosis, self awareness and such like. I kind of want to write something inspirational and calm and strong, something that shows how well I have my life together, but. I don’t. And while I can crop out the chaos in […]

Make me a detective – Career of Evil by R Galbraith launch event


Today I went to London. I spent hours on a train (with a book, and a sketchpad) in order to go to the launch event of the third in a series of books that I haven’t read. Ahem. Is it OK to admit that?  It’s just it’s JK Rowling. And while I haven’t gotten around […]

You can have berries. Or you can have moon. Not both


I stood on the pavement outside our house, and aimed my camera at the tree opposite, which has the most wonderful berries and leaves, and was being lit by the setting sun. And then I saw the moon. And I spent the next ten minutes trying to get shots of the moon with the tree. […]

Sunday morning in the garden


Bedraggled is the word for it really. It’s a bit soggy out there. Things to note when pootling around in your pyjamas 😉  But if you squint and stroll and look around, there’s all sorts going on. This guy looks how I feel..   Whereas I don’t think this flower got the whole autumn memo. In […]

Saturday snippets 17 October 2015


{driving} first to drop Big off for exped, then home, then off to the first Suffolk bloggers meet up where I was available to give tech advice, but apparently it mainly wasn’t needed. Ah well. The people I did speak to were lovely. {watching} Herbie fully loaded on Netflix for family film night. I do […]

Look down as well as up


   Lesson of the day – look down as well as up. No sunrise visible today – heavy cloud cover and drizzly rain. I spent a while on the beach trying (and failing) to take artful pictures of spray – got my feet wet twice in the process.  Decided I’d walk around the point to […]

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