Pokemon driven home education


Today has been a craft and pokemon day. Smallest made paper chains and was disappointed that I couldn’t find the instructions for the paper lantern craft. she also ran Pikachu battles. Later on she started doing some drawing. Who’s that pokemon? Small was very impressed by this artwork. So much so that he voluntarily came […]

A crafty Christmas party with NickJrCraftmas


I was a cohost today for a twitter party with NickJr and UKMumsTv. We Were sent a fab box of craft and games. There were edible crafts like Christmas pudding cornflake cakes (so easy but so effective! ) And snowmen cupcakes As well as that we made Ben hats (blue paper rolled into a cone, […]

Pokemon, a parent’s guide to the new Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby games


Today we went to an exclusive screening of the new Pokemon movie, Diancie and the cocoon of destruction. This is linked with the release of two new games, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, available on the 3DS and 2DS handheld gaming systems from Nintendo. The games were available to demo, which made for two very […]

Saturday snippets 29 November 2014

{playing} not playing, playing, not playing Candy Crush. There’s a reason I don’t install things like this on my phone etc, and it’s because I get addicted. Very quickly. I’d held out until Big put it on the iPad, and then I couldn’t resist any longer. 2 days later and I’ve uninstalled from the phone, […]

Moon at sunset


At 4 o clock. It’s worth looking up. Not been a good day, got a tummy bug so couldn’t take kids to swimming, so they were a bit disappointed. (And bouncing off the walls. ) Weird actually, as this morning I felt good and even managed a run. Haven’t been able to focus much though. […]

A NickJrCraftmas party!

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Following the success of the recent Dora twitter party, I’m pleased to say I’m involved in another UKMumsTV party with Nick Jr (find out more here. This one is about Christmas crafts, and will be on Mon 1st Dec between 1 and 3 pm. We’ll be doing crafts, playing games, and hosting giveaways, along with […]

Child centred Sunday.


It’s supposed to be a day of rest, isn’t it? And after last week, I needed it. The problem was that while I was driving the boys all over the county yesterday, Smallest stayed home with Big and Tim and recharged, so while I wanted to slump, she was ready to go. “I can’t give […]

Saturday snippets 22 November 2014

{driving} I missed driving when I couldn’t drive. This week I have driven more than I want to, with small children. It reminded me of commuting, and it wasn’t fun. The positive side is that we can and do choose not to have that many weeks like this. And also that it’s a choice. {feeling} […]

Today started too early


And involved nearly 5 hours in soft play. This was my reward. Almost worth it. I owe you book reviews and linkies and giveaways and all I’ve got is a head full of stuff and a picture of some hot chocolate. Sorry.

Contemplating the future of home education, and a call for posts celebrating educational freedoms.

Smallest blowing bubbles

Generally speaking, I’d rather be blogging about hot chocolate, or bubble blowing picnics but this was brought to my attention recently. From here A representative from the DfE joined the committee to discuss elective home education (EHE). Although the department does not have any immediate plans to review this policy, a series of conversations with […]

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