Education in the garden with Miles Kelly/ The Wildlife trusts handbooks

watercolour poppy

A few weeks ago I picked up several rather lovely Miles Kelly/ wildlife trusts handbooks in Lidl. I got British Birds, British Wildflowers and Trees Handbook (British Handbooks) (amazon affiliate link), and British wildlife. They’re not just fact books, although that would be pretty good in itself. Instead they’re structured as handbooks, with spaces for […]

Went to YALC. Some photos.


Saturday Snippets 18 July 2015


{travelling} to London, on a train. There may have been pictures.  {starting} to write another story. As I explained to someone tonight, I’ve started so many stories over the years. I have boxes of them, some finished, most just snippets. This one though, I’ve been trying to ignore, and it won’t go away. I wake […]

Potty training no 4 with Huggies Pull-Ups

tigerboy watercolour

Tigerboy isn’t quite ready for potty training. I keep trying, but given that his preference for doing no 2 (sorry!) is hiding in a corner in best “I’m not pooing” pose (see above), I don’t think we’re quite there. He will use the potty, but I find that we often degenerate into a Joyce Grenfell-esque […]

Creative competitions for children – roundup

Creative Competitions Roundup

I’ve gathered together a few links to creative competitions for children (and occasionally adults) that are running at the moment. If you’ve any you’d like adding just let me know! Win the chance to perform your own poem with Steven Camden! | Children’s books | The Guardian closing date 27th July open to children age […]

Top Writing Tips from author Matt Cain on Nothing but Trouble blog tour

Nothing but Trouble Matt Cain

Buy at amazon (affiliate) Lola Grant is the hottest pop star in Britain and she’s about to go global. But behind the music, her addiction to bad boys is taking her personal life in a dangerous direction. When it comes to men, Lola just can’t stay away from trouble – and her self-control is pushed […]

Saturday snippets 11 July 2015


{eating} our final Hello Fresh meal of the week. Disappointingly, it was the weakest one, although still perfectly acceptable. Unless you’re Small, Smallest or Tigerboy, who all thought it was inedible. Cat was happy though 😉 {watching} Warehouse 13 Season 5 which has popped (back) up on Netflix. It’s a bit strange. And there’s only […]

Focus on flare

Blossom and light

Light and colour, so hard to capture.

Looking sideways


Fairytale houses everywhere you look. Do you look?

Three things

Blackbird in the back garden

Last night I cleared out the medicine cupboard. We do not need more plasters. Or paracetamol. I found the missing library books, bagged them up, and put them in the (mostly cleared) hall, along with the non functional clocks and too small iPad mini case. Today I dropped off the library books on the way […]

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