The Weebles from Weebledown Farm


Buy Weebles Wobbly Farm Figure and Base Assortment at Argos. This here is a Weeble. It’s a dog. It’s part of a new range of Weebledown Farm toys from Character toys, and it should have a little friend, a sheep, but he seems to have wobbled off into hiding. Retailing at around £4.99, there’s a […]

Tech toys for Christmas.


We are a tech heavy family here, what with the phones, PCs, laptops and so on. The younger children will be getting extra games for their leappads (Smallest uses the LeapFrog LeapPad 3 – Green, while Tigerboy has last year’s ultra model). They’ve used the tablets for some time now, and I’m very pleased at […]

Ollie the Oobicoo doll – review


A little while ago we had a new arrival in the house. Ollie, the Oobicoo doll. Ollie is not small. He is lifesized – apparently the size of a 6 month old baby – all I can say is I must have had small six month old babies He’s almost the size of Tigerboy, who […]

Netflix streamteam – saving money in the run up to Christmas


I’m pleased to announce we’ve joined the Netflix stream team, meaning once a month or thereabouts, I’ll be telling you all about the delights of Netflix. To be honest, I don’t actually know how we managed without it. Since the subscription started, Big has been mainlining boxsets like there’s no tomorrow. She’s a bit sad […]

Snow Queen 2: Magic of the Ice Mirror

We’re gradually getting into the swing of a things in the run up to Christmas -with two family birthdays late in the year, I never feel like I can be completely festive until they’re done with. Now we’re done with getting older though, I feel that we can acknowledge the whole festive season, and get […]

Teen parcel review – it’s #amonthlything

Teen parcel pink and grey packaging

Recently we were offered the chance to review a new monthly subscription service from Teen Parcel. It’s for monthlies We call them periods here, and we’re very open about the whole thing. Which meant that when Big got to that stage, we’d already had lots of conversations about what was available, how it all works, […]

Getting lucky with Geolotto

I don’t remember the last time I bought a lottery ticket – we’re just not big gamblers here. (Not that a £2 on a lottery ticket is a particularly big splash out, but you know what I mean.) I had seen a couple of adverts for the new Geolotto game though. I’m trying to think […]

Planning a Playmobil Christmas.


Yes, I’m sorry, I mentioned the C word. But the one thing that you kind of need to plan before December is your advent calendar, and once again, we’re going Playmobil style, in our role as Playologists. My children will be counting down to the festivities with the help of a whole bunch of Playmobil […]

Fiction inspired food


From lashings of ginger beer (which apparently never actually existed) to midnight feasts including sardines, to enchanted hot chocolate, the books we read give us connections with food that we wouldn’t otherwise have had. The Queen took from somewhere among her wrappings a very small bottle which looked at if it were made of copper. […]

Meet Julia, the Bonikka doll.


We have a *lot* of dolls in this house. They pass in and out of favour, although some are more popular than others. And Tigerboy has never really clicked with any of them, until now. When I was offered the chance to review a Bonikka doll from Imajo toys, I confess that I assumed Smallest […]

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