Wordless Wednesday


Blogfest – how does technology change the way we think?


So, this weekend was Blogfest no 3, and again I was going along to provide a techie voice. This time it was a single roundtable session, rather than the clinic, and while I have loved the clinics (the challenge of helping someone right there on the spot for just 10 minutes really fires me up […]

Dora and Friends twitter party coming soon to a timeline near you

DORA ITC_blogger_button_300_250_1

The more observant among you may have noticed the lovely new badge in my sidebar that says I’m a Dora and Friends party host. Just in case you hadn’t, here’s a close up:

A day at the Museum of Civilisation


Anyone who has read Station Eleven will recognise the reference. For those who haven’t, the Museum of Civilisation is a collection of things gathered together by the survivors in a very depleted world, things they had little use for, but wanted to have remembered. Goldsboro Books in London did a window display based around the […]

Preparing for Mumsnet Blogfest


As regular readers will know, I’ve attended Mumsnet Blogfest for the last two years to talk about the technical side of blogging – hosting, platforms, domain names, BACKUPS, that sort of thing. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be attending again this year, as part of the round table discussion Techie tips and tricks. As […]

Blogging for A Million Miracles with Sightsavers


I wear glasses. I have for as long as I can remember really, I started wearing them at primary school. With them on, my sight is good. Not perfect, but good. It’s even better with lenses, but they’re such a hassle. Without them, I can barely find my way across the room, and I can’t […]

Starring Kitty Blog tour – Keris Stainton – start with the pizza

Keris blog tour banner 150dpi (1)

Today I’m pleased to welcome an author I’ve actually had the chance to meet in person, not once but several times – Keris Stainton, whose new book, Starring Kitty (A Reel Friends Story), is published 24 July. (Amazon have it wrong. Honest.) Over to Keris, on the theme of Dreams and Regrets. I like to […]

Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour

Teri Terry

For anyone who hasn’t read widely on my blog, a quick heads up – I love books. I can see the rest of you shaking heads with a no, really? kind of look I also love sharing books with my children. (That wasn’t news either was it?) As well as all of that, I love […]

Lisa’s Letters – an international Blog Swap day guest post.

lisas letters IBSD14

Dear Jax, Did you ever have an International Penpal? Hi, let me introduce myself – my name is Lisa Devereaux from all the way down under in Australia. I am also a mum to 4-year-old twin girls. We live in Queensland – the Sunshine State of Australia. I have always been a letter writer and […]

Who remembers Charley Says?

David Walliams in the new Charley Says safety campaign

I do. I am very much a child of the seventies (though I’m not showing you the pictures to prove it). And I have a clear memory of Charley the cat and his safety messages. And his fish. Meow. It was the stranger danger thing that stuck most for me I think – I’m told […]

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