Goals, not dreams: Clare Mackintosh


Continuing my occasional guest post series, inspired by my Dreams and Regrets post, today I’m very pleased to host Clare Mackintosh (who some of you may remember better as Emily Carlisle from More than Just a mother), who has a slightly different take on the situation. Over to Clare. Discovering, in my early thirties, that […]

I’m as mad as **** and I’m not going to take this any more.

I read an article in the Guardian last night. It had chilling echoes for me of a previous situation where a government decided they didn’t like something and would legislate against it, regardless of the actual facts of the situation. Basically, what is going on is a government that caters to the rich (mainly by […]

Have you drunk enough today?

This is a Sponsored Post, but with a difference. There are no brand links. I'm not going to talk about a product. Instead, it's a bit more like a public service announcement. Today I'm being sponsored to talk about hydration. Did you know there's a 2nd Annual Hydration conference happening? I certainly didn't. In fact, […]

News, reviews, competitions and bits.

A few things to cover this week, though not as many odd news releases from PRs for some reason. I did get word yesterday of a new competition from Lloyds Home insurance with a top prize of £10000 – something to do with submitting pictures of your favourite room. As I don’t really have such […]

A boy and his morb.

We went to christmas in july, courtesy of ukmumstv. A hall full of toy stands that they wanted children to play with and touch, so they did. And of them all the thing that Small was taken with most was a morb in a fighter jet. To the extent that I went back to check […]

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble from Top That! Publishings.

I’ll be up front about this book – I don’t particularly like it. If I hadn’t been sent it to review, I doubt very much that we’d have it in the house. Which would be a shame, as Smallest wouldn’t have spent time sitting on the couch reading it to herself. Granted, the reading sounds […]

I’m going to Latitude with Rowse Honey

And what’s more, you can too Rowse will be operating a Howse of Honey at this year’s Latitude festival in Southwold, and they are running a fantastic competition giving away five family passes to go along (and check out the Honey Howse ). All you need to do is tootle over to their facebook page […]

The Cooperative – a thoughtful alternative (sponsored post).

When we moved here a couple years ago, I was quite pleased to realise that there’s not a lot in the way of big supermarkets about. Instead our local convenience shop is a medium sized East of England coop. I also like the fact that they carry local food, clearly labelled – our mushrooms travel […]

Books worth waiting for…

and authors worth seeing. Yesterday I passed a Waterstones. Well, actually I didn’t. As I was attempting to pass a Waterstones it lured me in, by offering me a free magazine and book for signing up for a Waterstones’ card. And then, last night, I was browsing their site (as you do), and I spotted […]

Sigg drinks bottle review.

I was recently fortunate enough to be chosen to review Sigg drinks bottles as sold by Purekit. I confess until the bottle arrived I didn’t quite know what all the fuss about Sigg was for – surely a drinks bottle is just a drinks bottle? Just how wrong can you be? I like to avoid […]

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