How to share links to facebook with just one image.


If you’re in the habit of sharing your blog or brand links to facebook, you may have noticed that recently something changed and instead of the one link with image preview, you get a kind of carousel effect. This is, quite frankly, kind of irritating. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s easy to avoid. […]

LatestFreeStuff – new money saving app


Like many of us, I’m all about the bargains and money saving in day to day life – I’ve got a family of four children to keep clothed and fed, and in that instance, every little bit extra helps. So I was really interested to review the new app from LatestFreeStuff on the iPad. I’m […]

Preparing for Mumsnet Blogfest


As regular readers will know, I’ve attended Mumsnet Blogfest for the last two years to talk about the technical side of blogging – hosting, platforms, domain names, BACKUPS, that sort of thing. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be attending again this year, as part of the round table discussion Techie tips and tricks. As […]

Year of code? Please no.

hello world in c

So, I was on twitter last night, as I oh so often am. And I saw a link to a guardian article about the year of code initiative. My response? RT @anghelides Why every child should learn to code <no no and thrice no. Need to let people think not make them code — […]

And just like that, I could vanish.

beware of the leopard and esoteric material

Well, not me. My blog. And not so much vanish as get filed in the bottom drawer of a locked filing cabinet in a disused laboratory with a sign on the door… Wondering what I’m talking about? It’s the government’s latest wheeze to protect the children. Won’t you think of the children, they cry, while […]

Home education on

quibly logo

A new kid in town? There’s a new parenting website in town, but this one is a bit different to the mum focussed networks that seem to be all over the place. (Not that I’m saying mum focussed networks or bad, but does mean that there is room for alternatives!) is a membership site […]

Shades of grey.

Now that I’ve found the back button, which is cunningly hidden by virtue of not being illuminated unless you use it, and discovered something that seems very much like swype but is called connected keyboard usage, I’m very happy with the note 2. And as for the above picture, that’s done with a pre installed […]

That was the weekend that was Mumsnet Blogfest.

I started this post, some hours agoyesterday… sitting in the car outside Big’s bassoon lesson. Tigerboy is sleeping in his carseat next to me. The laptop is perched precariously on my knee, just enough room to tilt the screen back, and I’m tethered to the wifi hotspot on my phone. And I’ve got 28 minutes […]

Oxpwr One review – with added discount code.

I think I may have mentioned in passing recently that I’ve been camping for two weeks without any access to power to recharge my much loved Smartphone. As you can imagine, this is a bit stressful for me. While I fully understand the idea that disconnecting from the internet can be good for you, it’s […]

Saturday snippets 26 May 2012

{reading} Carole Matthews: Summer Daydreams, and ico guidelines on cookies. {listening} how to lose your baby fat, thinking slimmer (review). {failing} with cloth nappies (how many changes of clothes today??) {succeeding} with running, fifth run, another 0.83 miles notched up. {watching} fantastic Mr fox (and thinking seriously odd film). {starting} bedroom excavation. {sewing} still sewing! […]

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