Silent Sunday 21 July 2013


The beach with added Miffy


Yesterday I packed up the entire contents of the house and dragged them down the road to the beach for a couple of hours, then dragged them home again. That’s what it felt like anyway. It occurred to me that I carried less stuff when I was interrailing for a month than I do for […]

Growing green fingered children.

Growing green fingered children.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge (find the linky here) with Moneysupermarket I love gardening. No, really, I do. Or at least, I love the idea of it. The reality, with two small children, tends to be rather different. I imagine popping out into the garden, doing a spot of digging, sprinkling […]

Sometimes I forget the important things

crafts from weekendboxclub

And I need a little reminder. Today we were sent a WeekendBoxClub box for review and knowing that I’m away this weekend, I thought I’d get started on it straight away. I’d forgotten how lovely it is to spend one to one time with Smallest, focusing on her and just doing something for her. I […]

Seaside stickers for a sunny day.


We are part of the Baker Ross blogging network and these fabulous seaside stickers were in our latest craft box. They’re new to the range and I think they’re wonderful. The children had a lovely afternoon making pictures with them.

History with added flowers.

It was history etc today. Slightly odd in that Big didn’t come with us, she was at a Kentwell friend’s birthday party. Shame the dates clashed as there were several extra participants in history she’d have loved to see, but that’s the way it goes. There’s apparently something coming up about tulips in the chapters […]

How we home ed a toddler

With books for pre writing skills And fabulous solid poster paints Which were so good Small had to get in on the act (It should be pointed out I drew the heart. ) Shared reading books. And a sleeping babe. He won’t fit in there much longer. And that was our morning. There was some […]

Highs and lows.

New question at the dinner table tonight, tell me how your day has been. Mine has had highs and lows. The highs have been very high, the lows disgustingly low. So I managed to do my yoga this morning and ran at lunchtime, knocking another 20 seconds off my best time this year for 1.2 […]

Cutting down on screens.

I doubt that anyone has noticed, but I haven’t been online quite as much today. There are a few reasons for that. I was having another batch of trying to get things done; it was swimming lesson day; I tried to say more yesses than nos to questions like will you read this and play […]

The word of the day is Trust.

Regular readers will remember that before Christmas we were having some difficulties with Smallest and get swimming lesson. From being almost desperate to go, asking each morning if it was her turn yet, she’d had a complete reversal of attitude and completely lost her nerve. I put this down to a change of teacher and […]

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