Our summer with Playmobil, pirates and London ahoy!

pirate in the rigging

Followers of my various social media streams will have noticed an increase in Playmobil activity over the last couple of weeks. As part of the playologist program, we had a fabulous delivery of a 5135 Large Pirate Ship along with Jungle Animals and Off-Road Vehicle. As you can imagine, these are really rather popular There […]

What they wore Wednesday.

the outfits

Yesterday I took the two smaller children on a succession of trains to go to Freeport Braintree, a shopping village in Essex. If I could have driven, we’d have been there in an hour. As it was, Tim took us half way, and we then caught a couple of trains. There were difficulties to this. […]

Just in case we have a summer – reviewing UV sunsuits from the Beach Factory

four on the beach in uv suits

way way back, lost in the mists of time, I took Big and Small, when they really were Big and Small, camping, to Hesfes in May. I packed wellies, blankets and sun suits – I don’t like slathering children in chemicals, I’d far rather go for clothing based protection. Turned out we needed the blankets […]

Meal planning with Morrisons

bananas on scale

Now, I had intended to get this posted on Monday, hence the meal planning title. Yes, well. As no doubt you are aware, a number of bloggers were challenged last weekend to shop at Morrisons, buying the things that we usually do, in order to find out whether the new cheaper prices across the store […]

The #GoGreen Blogtrail with BumpPR – Calafant paint your own treehouse giveaway

a fairy castle in the garden

You may remember that a little while ago I went to a fabulous PR birthday party, and as part of it, in the raffle, I won a wonderful Calafant paint your own treehouse. And today, as part of the #GoGreen blogtrail, I’ve got one to giveaway. There are lots of fabulous environmentally themed prizes to […]

Got a dinosaur fan? Walking with dinosaurs – review and free dinosaur activities

dinosaurs packshot

Playmobil Easter calendar reviewed.

I love the detail on the tiny flowers and butterly

We are, as has been mentioned previously, very happy to be Playmobil playologists. And we were sent the playmobil easter calendar, which I meant to review a few days ago, but I didn’t. (I could try to excuse myself, but to be honest, I just lost track of time. It’s easy done – are you […]

Time to quit…. smoking that is.


I used to run. I started when I was doing karate, to top up my fitness and, if I had a break from training, to get myself back in a condition to cope with long tough karate sessions. Life got in the way, I haven’t done karate for many years and I miss it. Maybe […]

Divergent: The premiere experience, Leicester Square, London.

Shailene woodley, theo james, veronica roth, divergent premiere

On Sunday, Big and I had the great good fortune to go to the European premiere of Divergent, based in Leicester Square, London. The square had been transformed to a fan experience based around the book/film, and there were actual real live stars due to attend, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet and most importantly, […]

Divergent: the book and the film


Yesterday was the European Premiere of Divergent in Leicester Square, London. The square had been transformed into a fan experience, patrolled by Erudite scientists and Dauntless soldiers. There were bungee jumping things, laser guns, the opportunity to have yourself photographed in the film poster, and of course, there was the test. First things first, though, […]

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