I’m making a list

It’s for Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted. And Michael Gove. And all the other idiots politicians who appear to feel they know what children need regardless of what people who actually know children say. Did you see this? In the telegraph apparently he’s talking about a checklist. Parents should be issued with a […]

Early intervention anyone?

As I blogged last week, Tigerboy is a mostly silent child. After listening to what everyone had to say about his communication, I decided I would pop in to see the health visitors, who hold a handy drop in session in our local library. They weren’t very busy – there was one little boy ahead […]

Year of code? Please no.

hello world in c

So, I was on twitter last night, as I oh so often am. And I saw a link to a guardian article about the year of code initiative. My response? RT @anghelides Why every child should learn to code http://t.co/wmMeV5lMYP <no no and thrice no. Need to let people think not make them code — […]

School for 45 weeks? You’re having a laugh.


So last week I had a rare night out, and on the way home on the train, I spotted discussion of a proposal to extend school times to 45 hours a week, 45 weeks a year. I assumed this was a joke. Amazingly, it isn’t. I bought the Sun a couple of days later (for […]

Samsung Note 2 Android 4.3 upgrade issues.


Hi, my name is Hac, and I’m a samsung Note 2 addict. At least I was. I loved so many things about it. I adored the connective typing, the predictive text, the way that I only had to send a phrase a couple of times and it learnt it. I used to be able to […]

Food bank debate – political point scoring and nothing changes.

Yesterday MPs met in the house of commons to debate foodbanks, following a petition raised by Ms Jack Monroe. Or did they? Let’s read the actual motion. That this House notes that the number of people using foodbanks provided by the Trussell Trust alone has increased from 41,000 in 2010 to more than 500,000 since […]

Democratically accountable – in 90 weeks time.

Ballot paper

I was reading recently about the spot checks on illegal immigrants. Various people have taken exception to how these occurred, and to whether they were actually even legal. This bit of the article leapt out at me though: Last month Mr Justice Blake said the policy was a disproportionate interference in people’s lives and suggested […]

Zero hours, tax free childcare and bedroom tax.

It’s hard to know where to turn at the moment. Which policy or societal move to look at first. I’ve written on the bedroom tax before, but this week it’s hit the mainstream media and people are shocked to discover it’s not working to free up social housing, it’s just causing misery. Really? We couldn’t […]

And just like that, I could vanish.

beware of the leopard and esoteric material

Well, not me. My blog. And not so much vanish as get filed in the bottom drawer of a locked filing cabinet in a disused laboratory with a sign on the door… Wondering what I’m talking about? It’s the government’s latest wheeze to protect the children. Won’t you think of the children, they cry, while […]

Have you ever been annoying?

ranty head

Well be careful then, you might be about to become a criminal. Sadly, I’m not exaggerating. You see, in a drive to simplify our somewhat overburdened legislation, the government is currently considering a new Bill, the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill which could make being annoying a criminal act. They are looking at replacing […]

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