Montessori moments with the movable alphabet

We got another part of our new Montessori equipment out this week. This time it was the movable alphabet. (We have the red and blue version of this Small Movable Alphabet Letters from Amazing Child Montessori on Amazon. The movable alphabet is used as part of the Montessori techniques for teaching reading and writing. Its […]

Getting hands on with Montessori education

So, last week I took delivery of a very large box of Montessori materials from the lovely Anne-Marie from Child Led Chaos. And this week I started to get the resources out. The first one out of the box was the Trinomial Cube (amazon), for no other reason than both Big and I adore it. […]

how to make a spindle box at home – cheap Montessori materials

So, last week I wrote about the Montessori method and materials. I recommended a couple of books – I’ve now found Montessori’s Own Handbook (kindle) for just 36p. I can’t resist that myself quite frankly! I also talked about making my own version of a spindle box. (The spindle box is discussed in Discovery of […]

Montessori moments – the method and the materials

This wekk in one of the home ed groups I’m in, someone asked about Montessori books for home ed. I went digging around on Amazon (shh) and found that you can get Montessori Play and Learn : A Parents’ Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six for as low as 1p plus postage secondhand. […]

Home education or domestic servitude?

One of the reasons given by the labour government for their investigations into home education and proposed legislation about it was to protect children from domestic servitude. I wonder what they’d have thought about the two hour home economics lesson that took place over yesterday and today, and resulted in Big providing tea for the […]

Montessori moment.

This is how I got 10 minutes to sweep the kitchen floor. I sat her in her chair with two small bowls, some sugar puffs and a spoon, and showed her transferring between bowls. She was engrossed. Sure, some of them went in her mouth, and some of them went on the floor, but that […]

School, huh, yeah, what is it good for?

Despite appearances to the contrary, given that we home educate, I’m not actually anti school per se. I’m just not sure I can see the point of it. And I think that there are an awful lot of ppl with similar sneaky suspicions out there, who are using school and just wondering if… So let’s […]

Once around the sun

another year is done. Another year is over and now you are one. I can’t believe it’s been a year. This was the first day. (It’s possible I was a little tired.) Couple of weeks on. First Christmas.

Not everything has a why…

declared Small this evening. He’d been asking for Brown Beaver’s phone number, and I wanted to know why he wanted it. He said that not everything had a why, and I said I thought it did. His response was that there was no why that the earth started, and I have to admit, I had […]

cause and effect or bribery and punishment?

First day of the new system, it appears that the children had a rather different idea to how it was going to work than I did. Our system doesn’t involve boxes per child prestacked with work – I’m nowhere near that organised, and I doubt I ever will be. Instead their boxes have pictures that […]

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