Big wants to learn

Victorions Where we live Math’s Spelling Sionce a new langwig? Craft Poetry Accordingly, her library haul included two books on toys, Toys (What Was It Like in the Past?) and Look Inside a Victorian Toyshop. I found Seashore (Usborne Nature Trail) which I thought might help with learning more of the area around where we […]

What the children did

Outsourcing the children for the morning was an excellent thing for them – while I’m sure they’d have enjoyed the scan bit of my morning, I’m just as sure they would not have enjoyed the well over an hour of waiting around that happened alongside it all. Instead they used S’s copy of The Children’s […]

Ravenous readers and feeling the fear.

I really must start going to bed earlier. Although it isn’t actually half the day I miss out on, and Small didn’t get up any earlier than me this morning, so maybe I should just accept that mornings don’t really happen and evenings do. Hm. Anyway, was in the shower when friend and friend of […]

Big’s plan

Sitting down with Big to work out what she thinks she ought to be doing during this home ed lark. This is being typed pretty much as we speak, so will be somewhat disjointed 🙂 We both think that maths should be a regular activity, as maths gets easier if you practise it. She wants […]

Cookbook correction

It’s this one: The Children’s Step-by-step Cook Book – I found it this morning in one of the stashes of stuff still unhomed after the christmas excess. She was very pleased to see it, but too busy making flowers to look through for a recipe for lunch, so I guess it’s sandwiches again. Small agreed […]

A very quiet day

Today has been a very quiet day, not least because when I went to get up to sort out the table Small had “poured milk all over!”, I made it to the landing, grabbed my dressing gown off the rail and then fell over, very ungracefully and in slow motion, backwards, staggering back through the […]

Defensive orgo planning

For pretty much as long as she has been able to talk, Big’s last question of the day has been “what are we doing tomorrow?” and my standard answer is “I don’t know yet”. I’m not a person who lives by plans, and my children are, so I figure that this time around with home […]

And finally, Big’s day.

Has been rather up and down. She seems somewhat emotional and confrontational atm, and I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with some work I needed to finish. It’s not a good combination 🙁 Nevertheless, we’ve had some good times today. I particularly enjoyed setting her up on the laptop to work on some more programming with kpl, […]

And back in our world

hm, my blog appears to have disappeared under a welter of political links and news stories. Not quite sure how *that* happened. So what have we been doing? Well, took Small for his slightly belated MMR this morning – he was ever so good. I think he understands rather more than he lets on – […]

Today is another day

And I’ve already had a thought provoking discussion with Tim about abortion and feminism, done some weaving with Big and a jigsaw with Small. Doesn’t sound like much I know, but I didn’t wake up til nearly 11 🙁 My body clock is completely out of whack with what the clocks on the wall are […]

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