Spinning child


A daily doodle post. Trying out my new Derwent Academy oil pastels.

Just 10 minutes – felt tip ballerina

strike a pose

Trying to remember that when I spend time doing arts and crafts and things with my hands I feel better. It’s hard to remember that when the clouds come in. Somehow tonight I dragged myself out. Paper, felt tips, paint brush and water. And a copy of How to Draw Princesses and Ballerinas (Usborne How […]

Charity shop resources: Usborne I can crayon.


In my perennial search for educational resources, I haunt charity shops. And I struck lucky with a copy of Usborne’s I can crayon the other day. So far it’s given us two days of art activities, which means cutting, sticking, colouring and drawing. All sorts of wonderful early year activities 😉 There’s a tiny bit […]

How to make bubble art with children

Bubble art

You will need: Washing up liquid, water based paint, a pot. A child and a straw. (Use a child old enough to blow, not suck!) Paper Blow some bubbles. Squish them with the paper. You’re done. Bubble art is great fun. You can print over on the same paper with different colours, cut the bubbles […]

Minimum mess makes – Spring pictures.

concentrating hard

As I blogged recently, I have some issues with mess. Since then, I’ve been trying to make sure that we do something crafty or sensory pretty much every day that we’re here (if we’re out and about I don’t bother quite so much!) I wish I’d written more nine/ten years ago about what I did […]

Stepping up to the messy play plate.


I don’t like sticky, messy things. I’m not even fond of kneading dough or mixing cake. And as a young child, Small was much the same. It’s not fair though, to let that impact on the younger two. So since Christmas I’ve been making a real effort to get crafty and messy with them. We’ve […]

Day 2 in the 2014 house.


The tree is down. And I’m not tangling with that again, vicious monstrosity that it is. It hasn’t been stored, instead heading out to the bin. Bizarrely the lights went back in their odd shaped plastic box first time. Was quite scary actually. I ran this morning. The 1.2 mile circuit, and I can do […]

Stabilo early writing resources.

left handed pencil

Recently we were sent some samples of Stabilo early writing resources, and the younger children have had a great time reviewing them. This is Smallest with a left handed pencil and a maze. Pretty good pencil grip for a three year old, no? (OK, a very nearly 4 year old. Eek.) I like this pencil. […]

Planning early education with help from Baker Ross and Random House children’s books.

I read Tigerboy a book the other day. It was the first time that I’d read him a book instead of having him on my knee while I read to Smallest. Given he’s 9 weeks old I’m definitely slacking 😉 We have books coming out of our ears in this house. Smallest loves to be […]

Not quite a resolution…more of a challenge!

but I want to spend more time crafting and creating. I want to challenge myself creatively. I want to design items and make them, write patterns and share them, learn new techniques and broaden my horizons. And I’ve chosen a starting point. The technique is icord as shown in this video and the project is […]

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