#NoddyChallenge – Design your own Noddy race game.

It’s been a grey and gloomy week so far here at the seaside, and I’m looking for ideas to amuse, preferably on a tight budget. So when I saw a tots100 competition to create a Noddy themed craft, I couldn’t resist having a go.

Noddy has been a big favourite here for years. We’ve got cars, watched various versions of the program, there’s a jigsaw somewhere about and we even have a Noddy app on one of the iPads. But what better than some old school cutting, sticking and colouring?

Basically, I’ve drawn up the framework for a race game for the children to colour in and play. I downloaded some printables for characters via pinterest, although it would be just as nice to draw your own, and I put a few special squares in – miss a turn for a picnic, that sort of thing. I’m expecting the children will have a few ideas of their own on how to enhance my offering, so the first part of the activity will be colouring and design, before we get into playing the game itself.

Here’s a close up of the characters.

And an overview of the board itself. Sorry about the pictures – my camera is playing up so these are straight off the phone.

So what do you think? Am I on to a quick and easy craft winner, or is my idea going to be as flat as a picnic after Jumbo has sat on it?

I’m thinking if this goes down well we can create similar games themed on other TV shows they like, and have a pad full of unique game boards, needing only counters and a die to play anywhere, any time. I’m sure the children will like it – I’ll feed back on social media to let you all know! (And I get bonus marks from parents for minimal mess, maximum fun, right? )

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  1. Love this and the idea of making your own games
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