Mixit – the brand new multi character magazine for 4-9 year old girls.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored review, the magazines were supplied free for the purpose of review.

Mixit is a new magazine aimed at 5-9 year old girls, covering many of the toy and entertainment brands they’re interested in. So the front cover of issue one mentions Youtube vloggers Creative Celeste and Emily Tube, as well as Lego Friends, DC Superhero girls, Shopkins, Glimmies, LOL Surprise and lots more. For all this is aimed at girls, several of the brands appealed just as much to my 5 year old boy – he’s particularly into Powerpuff girls, and was thrilled at the inclusion of a page of their stickers.

There’s a lot going on in the magazine, which meant that both children dipped in and out of it quite a bit, rather than it being a one off sit down and then discard. The free giveaways on the front are heavily make up based, which is a mark down in my estimation, as I’m not fond of small children in make up. They seem to be fairly good quality though, which at least helps as a bundle of plastic bits that break instantly is an instant turn off.

There are features, stories, games, puzzles and cut outs as well as stickers and lots of competitions – I wasn’t too impressed that the entry form for one competition is on the back of one of the very cute Molang postcards – someone didn’t think that one through! (In fact, there’s another part of the same magazine where the cut out is on the back of a drawing space, the sort of thing that could lead to tears here as you can’t complete both activities.) There are also a lot of creative activities, which I like to see – colouring pages, how to make it tutorials and so on.

Given the subject material, it’s not surprising that this feels advert heavy, although all of it is stories, games, pictures rather than straight advertising as such. For £3.65 this is something I would only buy as a treat, but I can easily see that a child more into any of the collectables featured would rapidly become a huge fan. You can learn more about the magazine and subscriptions available by checking out the website Mixit mag

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