New tent. 

Ebay bargain, exact tent we’ve been looking for. 

Yes, it’s another Vango 🙂

Smallest is very excited. Most of her camping experiences (that she remembers anyway) have been Kentwell related, and she’s hoping that we might manage to fit in some ordinary camping as well. 

I confess I’m a bit inspired too. Dreaming of adventures and magical landscapes – c very inspired by this photobox from millioneyez 

In reality we’ll probably manage a trip to a field half an hour away, but if there’s some peace and quiet to be had I’m feeling like I’m coming out ahead. 

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  1. LOL about the field half an hour away. You could drive around for a few hours so that the little ones think they’re far from home.

  2. lol bless. I bet you have the best time ever. Sorry about your back though. The tent looks fab xx

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