Sunday snippets

{missing} a week that disappeared under a heap of appointments and not particularly fun activities. More of the same tomorrow :/

{feeling} hopeful that Vit D is making a huge difference to pain and energy levels. Now back to wondering about why my shoulder and hip are problems, but I’ve specialist physio this week, so maybe we’ll get on the path to some answers.

{enjoying} some crafting with Smallest in an attempt to tempt her off the computer a little more often. Do find her left handedness complicates things though, usually the things I expect to be easy. 

{learning} more about pitfalls in my own creative education – managed to stall myself this week taking part in our creative selves on Instagram, despite the constant support of the very caring Shalagh Hogan from Shalavee

{plotting} the week ahead and further crafty endeavours.

{reading} a whole book in a day!


Big is taking driving lessons, and went to a friend’s 18th this weekend. How is this possible? Small is focussed on a game he’s coding, and the music he’s writing for it, great to see him with a project that’s really stretching him. Smallest is reading every night now independently, but still reluctant to move away from picture books. Tigerboy is starting to sound things out and work out the difference between capitals and lower case.

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  1. That is good about the vitamin D and your pain levels. Hope you get some help today with physio. Love the crafting with smallest. My oldest is left handed too and it does hinder them a little. Looks fab xx

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