VicksTricks – for when your child has a cold

With 4 children in the house, colds are a fact of life in the winter. It has got worse since Big went to school – and she’s all about the sharing, sadly. It does have to be said though that last time she brought one home, I tried out the Vicks nasal spray, and I didn’t go down with it. I’m calling that a definite win too, particularly as it was a particularly vicious one that flattened her for two days. (Two days off school during A levels is not good. I’m sure the level of stress they’re under contributes to the cold getting.)

Mostly my kids are pretty good when they’re ill and do a lot of sleeping to get through the worse of it, but there’s always that recovery period when they’re grouchy and need more rest than they think they do. Amusing children who don’t want to be amused is not a lot of fun.

I’m not sure whether I could pull off a magic trick, but the ones on Vicks youtube channel look like a fun thing to try – I do like this drawing one. (Actually, maybe getting the kids to learn them would be a way of keeping them happy.)

Mostly though, we do books, films (cuddling up with something Disney is a great way to keep people happy when they’re not up to much else), and Tim *is* pretty good with puppets. Or shadows – shadow puppets are always a hit here, Smallest adores them. (Top bedtime amusement tips: The book Jack’s Amazing Shadow is a good starting place if you want to try out shadow puppets. It’s got how tos on the end papers.)

So, what are your best ideas for amusing convalescent offspring? Comments in the usual place please.

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  1. I do pretty much what you do to be honest and they tend to sleep it out. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  2. I’m a bit like you, I think if they are ill they don’t really want to be amused. I tend to just pacify them as much as I can, painkillers and cuddles xx

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