Sunday snippets 15 January 2017

{struggling} to get back into the blogging habit. I did so well in December, but then took a Christmas break…

{also struggling} with pain, exhaustion, depression? I don’t know. Hard to disentangle emotional states and their permanence or otherwise from a physical position of daily hurtingness and chronic tired. I went for a stroll around the shops yesterday afternoon, I was out less than two hours. By dinner time I could barely stay upright, and I didn’t want to get up this morning at all. The good news is that between my december and january appts the physio had a rethink and decided that there may be more to it all than appears and is referring for blood tests. Yay to the physio (and hold my hand on Tuesday when I have to go and have them stick a needle in my arm?)

{enjoying} a daily art habit. Today I even managed to do it in the afternoon during swim club instead of waiting until bedtime! Hugely recommend Sktchy if you’re apple-d up as it were (sadly not yet available on android). Great if you’re looking to work on drawing people, which I am intrigued by. Think I may have started to get the hang on pencil shading for hair and bones, and why didn’t I know what the scrubby paper thing was for before? (Does it even have a name?)

{trying} to get back into a daily book habit. I thought I’d made it with a couple of mesmeric reads, but lack of energy has led to lack of concentration which has led to lack of reading. Again. Hohum.

{wanting} to rework the blog. Definitely. I can almost see it, with a different theme for each category, and the ability to subscribe by categories, and a very much smaller list of categories and and and… yes, there’s a reason or three this hasn’t happened yet. Not least because I haven’t finished designing my new overall header. (Because I’m thinking there is still a home page for the heap. Still toying with how I do the rest of it. The six of you who read this, what categories are you interested in? I have some ideas but always interested in feedback.

Big just got older, but we’re celebrating tomorrow night. Small is toying with nocturnal, I’m not sure it suits him though. Smallest read a book tonight, a whole book, without a single sigh or I can’t do it, or anything. Yay Miles Kelly and your fairytale phonics! Tigerboy voluntarily did a non screen activity today – we did some Oliver Jeffers inspired art. Going to blog that separately though.

I’m savouring this pic 🙂

(Disclosure: I can’t actually remember if the lovely Miles Kelly people sent this particular book along, I’m fairly sure we have had some from them in the past. They appear to have a sale on. Links to amazon are affiliate links.)

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  1. I expect you will have categories in art, photography, book reviews, home education, and possibly something health related, politics and economy (basic wage?), family? But you know that the one I most want to read is about your trips into the past and living Tudor times.

  2. Family updates – general and individual (‘cos I’m nosy). Your art – I really enjoy your daily art and how much progress you made and continue to make. Just what you’re doing that makes you smile – could even be simply enjoying one of your fancy coffees or hanging up laundry in sunshine as then I just imagine you doing that and that pleases me.

    Chronic pain is very difficult to learn to live with. Especially as M isn’t very empathic. C is fab. I tend to imagine worse scenarios and be thankful but it doesn’t always work. I hope you find an answer that will lead to a pain free future. xxx

    • Chronic pain is deeply unfunny, and I’m sorry it’s hard for you still. Miss seeing you about so much – when I’ve got my back under control I’ll come see you if that’s OK.

      Fancy coffees, sunrises, daily art. Got it.

  3. Aww hone, sorry to hear about the pain, it is so hard to live with. I hope you get it back under control. I love this story so much, so does Little Miss. Big hugs x

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