Saturday snippets 23 August 2014

{Making} a felt hat. And this time I think it might work 🙂 having a lovely time with a little team of felters on the barnsward.

{Enjoying} the sun and dodging the little rain showers. And the sunsets. The sunsets here are just wonderful.

{Marveling} how much pasta one small hungry boy can put away at the end of a long outdoor day. I don’t know where it went!

{Watching} umizoomi, downloaded to the kindle fire from our Amazon prime video before we came away, as a calming bedtime treat.

{Not watching} doctor who. And hoping the people who did go to watch will stay spoiler free. We’ll watch it when we’re all at home together (we’ve no Tim with us this weekend).



Big has dyed her hair. Turns out she looks really good with a chestnut tint 🙂 Small is really enjoying being a page, which is good to see, and has found a pack of children around his own age to run with in the evening. Smallest finished another map on mathseeds and passed the quiz. She’s printed out the certificate to keep in her new learning journal scrapbook. Tigerboy is working on being the best known toddler at kentwell, he goes up to anyone and everyone to say hello.

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  1. Lovely sounding week and such a cute picture x

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