101 in 1001 take two.

On December 10th 2006, I put a post in draft on this blog. It was a partial 101 things list, goals for the next 1001 days.

I never even finished making the list, that’s how good I am as a completer finisher. In fact, when I’ve looked at it properly, the countdown widget in the post implies I started writing the list in September that year, and it took me til December to abandon it.

Yeah, impressive, right?

Anyways, yesterday and today, Big has been putting together her own 101 list. And she’s challenged me to go along with her and get mine up and running again. So I thought I’d start by looking at the ideas I had all that time ago, and see whether any of them were ones I liked.

Personal: Get a haircut that I like and keeps my hair sensible.

Use the skin care stuff I’ve got at least once a week.
Figure out a fitness program that fits into my life and keep to it.
Get back into my own clothes.

Ooh, first one I like: Finish 7 days. (That’s the book I started even longer ago than this list. The one I went and dug out of the garage months ago. Yes, that’s a definite 1001 days target.)
Get published (other than on my blogs 😉 )
Get paid for getting published. – Hm, I’ve done that here a few times now. I would like to be paid for being published elsewhere though.
Win a writing competition – not sure about this one.
Write a shopping cart wordpress plugin
Learn another language – still want to do this. Tempted to try to find somewhere to redo my level 2 sign language, that would count.
Work through my yarn stash < hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. *breathe* hahahahahahahahahahaha
House: Get rid of all the books for sale in the dining room :(
Get the house sorted to sell
Move house.
Write up a budget.
Keep to a budget.
Work: Get java developer certificate
Start work towards architect certificate
Choose a book a month about working and read it (either technical or managerial).
Learn a new language.
Get a new job title
Get a payrise
Figure out a way to have a work life balance that is actually balanced.
Get involved with the women in IT forum.

Life: Either have another baby or come to terms with it not happening < did that. Twice. Still working on coming to terms with no more. I think I’m just set up to want babies.
Learn about solar energy. Learn about wind power< and this.
Build our own (passive) house < this however is unlikely. Might try to do the Power House experiment kit we’ve had for years though.
Take the children abroad < Live in another country for 3 months < Develop a website that more ppl than just my friends use and recommend to other ppl.
Develop a retirement plan so that I can choose when to retire.
Become assertive so that I don’t let things get out of hand.
Learn to show affection by hugging and being nice to the children regularly (at least every day).
Get on better terms with my family (make sure I am in contact every sister and my parents at least once a month.)<< this makes me sad. Reminds me that I can’t be in contact with Katrin any more.

Get involved with a political movement or campaign that means something to me and do something more than just blog about it. < Am seriously considering joining and getting involved in the Green Party and their campaign for basic income.

All in all, there’s not a lot there that I like for the bones of a new list. Too much of it isn’t relevant to who I am now. And while I tried for a while to build a list, I only managed to get up to 25 items, before the Robin Williams news hit twitter, and I’ve been distracted ever since.

What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? Why don’t I have dreams any more? Not even little dreams, let alone big ones.

I don’t know. It’s not good enough. I am reminded of my favourite quote from the A team (yes, really).

Look to this day
For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow but a vision.
Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, every tomorrow a vision of hope.

I need to remember how to live today well. I think I’ve forgotten how.

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  1. I still have the Project Zero tag up on my blog. I think I only wrote about 39 things to do and was, of course, way too ambitious. My downfall was when I found you could re-set the date to start again whenever you want.

  2. I first started blogging for the 101 in 1001 in late 2009. I reset it twice in 2010 after ‘stuff’ happened, then realised that I would end up resetting it several times a year, or whenever something changed, so gave up and set up Child-Led Chaos instead, because the blogging was the only bit I wanted to stay with! I do like the idea of it, but not sure I can ever plan it properly :-)

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