Saturday Snippets 26 July 2014

little red schoolbook{reading} The Little Red School book. This is delightfully subversive, and I’m very much enjoying it. Thought provoking – it’s not a cover to cover read, rather an information manual aimed at pre teens/ younger teens with all the things that children want and need to know that adults tend not to want to talk about. Full review to follow very shortly.

{watching} Tremors. It really is awesomely awful. Great #familyfilmnight choice for older kids (the little ones didn’t watch 😉 )

{enjoying} the summer. Loving the sunshine, the warmth, the garden, the happy children.

{feeling} oddly trapped by not driving, not running, taking care to not take risks. Just in case. Particularly the not driving. Today was the beans annual summer party, and I think that we haven’t missed one in a long time. So it was odd not to be going – but the public transport arrangements with multiple children defeated me. Especially when I’m feeling not precisely fragile, but cautious. Like I say, a little trapped.

{eating} salad and ham and eggs and potatoes. Easy meals. Oh, and blackberries from the garden. This is a good time of year for food.

{thinking} I don’t seem to have a lot to say tonight.

boy in a box

Big is playing piano, and writing, and reading and planning. Small attended his last cub session, on the beach. (There were chips.) Smallest signed up for the reading mission for the first time, and we’re back into the swing of #300PBs. Tigerboy is developing his vocabulary. He’s said Smallest’s name, got a word for banana (mana) to go with the sign, and clearly indicates his wish to go up or down, in or out. I should do a full list of his words – this week.

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