We’re just talking, talking about home education

This weekend I did something new. I was interviewed on radio about home education.

It was Croydon Radio, and the interviewer, Swazi, is someone I’ve met several times at blogging events. She was very keen to set up a show around home education, and I’m always happy to talk about it, so once we managed to coordinate diaries (!) we were ready to go.

You can find the podcast here if you’d like to listen in. I was online for around 40 minutes, so do make sure you’ve got a cuppa handy!

In case you’re wondering what we talked about, well, pretty much everything. How I first learnt about home education, back as a PGCE student, by coming across John Holt’s books (amazon link). What I think of the current system. What home education looks like on a day to day basis here (variable!) and what our plans for the future are (GCSEs! Aargh! Eek!)

A few home educators from a facebook group I’m on have listened to it already and been impressed at how relaxed I sounded – that’s all down to Swazi making me feel like we were just having a chat. She’s a fab interviewer basically – if she asks you to go on her show, go!

So, there you go. If you’ve ever wanted to hear me ramble on about home education, now you can. And if I missed anything out that you’re desperate to know about, why not drop me a comment and I’ll see if I can answer? (I could even try vlogging I suppose, or a g+ hangout if people really want to chat about it. Let me know.) (Also if you can’t actually be bothered to listen to a full 40 minutes of me, but have questions, you could still comment 🙂 )

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  1. Having had Swazi here on holiday I can vouch for how easy she is to talk to,and how wonderful to be able to talk on a subject you know so well

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