Saturday snippets 19 July 2014

{remembering} summers gone by when a small girl picked berries on the moor. Someone else must have done the top and tail job before we ate them though, I don’t remember that at all! (took an hour tonight. And tip of the day – use a chopping board, instead of your thumb.)

{savouring} cheap easy meals. Home made burgers in buns with salad tonight. So easy and quick. Also bought some frozen cheese and leek swirls from Lidl – thought they’d make a good meal with some bacon and salad later in the week.

{watching} Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure [DVD] [1990]. Most excellent. Although the children didn’t share our opinion of it. Which led to a fun meal as Tim and I squeezed in as many quotes as we could, while they groaned 😀

{listening} to the thunderstorm. It’s rumbling and rattling around above us. Doesn’t feel like it’s cleared the air, although it’s certainly dropped a lot of rain so far. Hope I did manage to get all the playmobil bits in.

{chopping} back the plum tree. It’s a Victoria plum, grafted onto something else. The something else has got very out of hand, but tonight got quite seriously cut back. Probably too late to help this year’s plums but should be better next year.


Big has chosen a list of subjects to start acquiring qualifications in. Small ordered a book from the library and read it in one day. Smallest got 86% in her latest reading eggs assessment. Tigerboy has been heard saying up/down while playing with a variety of toys (initiating relevant speech! )

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  1. What a beautiful blog you have! We too were listening to the thunderstorm with our little miss snuggled in between us( I was secretly glad of the storm as I got extra cuddles!) look forward to reading more of your posts! Please have a peek at my blog if you get a minute I’m new to the blogging world and would love your opinion!
    Keep up the good work

  2. I love Bill and Ted, though I think their Bogus Journey is even better than their Excellent Adventure.

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