Saturday Snippets 12 July 2014

{Exploring} blogging from the new kindle fire. It’s really rather nice, though the screen isn’t big enough for touch typing so I’m finding that a bit challenging.

{Feeling} tired after our third long day out in a week. Today was London for the launch of the Playmobil Suite at the Waldorf Hilton. It was a fun day out, but lots of travelling. Tired children tonight.

{Watching} Yes man for #familyfilmnight. Couple of bits of it slightly surprising given the certificate, overall rather better than I expected. Have been told the book is much better so will look into that.

{Pondering} the plasticity of tea, and loom bands, and how far I’m prepared to go. A bit further than I’m currently going at least. Loose leaf tea on the horizon I feel.

{Reading} all the colours of the sunset. I think. It’s a kingdom of silk book. Maybe it’s sky. It’s a rather lovely book anyway.

{Thinking} about book writing. Again. Still. Often.


Big is planning so many plans. It’s lovely to watch. Small is blogging again, hopefully on a schedule. Smallest turned the loss of her butterfly wings into the most lovely story, I really enjoyed it. Must get her to narrate it for her blog. Tigerboy is just starting to include words in his sounds. He signed sort ft without being asked, was chanting up, down as he walked around, and joined in signs for wind the bobbin up. Silent child will not be silent much longer I think.

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  1. Hi Jax, Your week seems a lot calmer than ours was. I’m waiting for your book 🙂

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