Beautiful day today

If we gloss over the part where Small and I fell out over his current chat room addiction. (Pokemon related in case you’re wondering. )

Big and I processed the tent together, which is now packed away pending research on the best way to deal with the rip in the door from the other night. (Big rip. Duck tape didn’t fix it, it leaks. ) I also think that it needs treatment to reproof, but I’m wondering if we’ve left that too late. There was no advice on this stuff when we bought the tent, 4 years ago now. 4 years doesn’t seem very long to me for an expensive tent.

As we processed we saw a snail.


Isn’t he gorgeous? The Tudors used them on burns, they have an antiseptic effect so my still room maid tells me. I didn’t try it, though it was fascinating watching her glide across the groundsheet. Slowed down when she hit the grass.

And I got this auto awesome picture.


Isn’t it fabulous? Must let Google process more pictures. Didn’t turn the rolling girl shots into a moving pic though which was a bit annoying. (Big rolls along the tent to flatten it. I took pictures. )

I finished Fangirl. Started Station 11, which I’m enjoying although I haven’t worked out where it’s going yet. Which is good, in a way.

Tomorrow we’re heading for Braintree Freeport for a #kidstyle blogger event, so that should be fun.

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  1. TBird Anni says:

    I re=proofed the huge Vango with some wash in stuff from a camping shop, I think it was a NikWax product. It did wonders for it and gave the “canvas” another few years life although you could see the occaisional spot on it where the treatment obviously hadn’t properly coated it….. possibly because a 12 man tent does not fit too well in a bath which made the whole “washing in” process a bit hit and miss!

  2. Ah I do hope you get your tent sorted. We paid a lot for our tent years ago and have only used it once so fingers crossed that it is still ok. Hope you enjoyed the event.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      I think it’s having it out in sunshine that’s the issue rather than just the age. And yes, it was a great event, thanks.

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