Wildlife in the kitchen

I wish I knew where my camera is. I had it the other day. But I’ve been doing a lot of shifting things around, and there’s still a lot of bags about and right now it could be just about anywhere. So this is a phone snap.


I don’t know what it is. I tried to identify it on a couple of sites, after I’d released it outside, but I can’t track it down. Any ideas?

I’d like to be taking pictures again. But I’m being creative. I’m sewing, again (or maybe still) and now I’m making myself a fitted waistcoat. It’s not very fitted at the moment. I think maybe I need to put on my kirtle and check how it works over that – although I do want to make myself a new linen bodies too.


Yes, I know I hate sewing. Except it turns out I don’t. I don’t hate things once I’m starting to figure them out, and the past 4 years have involved a lot of figuring out sewing. So now I’m actually quite enjoying it.

Would love some good fabric to be working with though.

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  1. dawn nettleton says:

    It is a common footman moth. Eilema lurideola most commonly seen june -August Lava feeds on lichen.

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