Sticky hair and other things

I have a massive backlog of book and other stuff that needs writing up. I’m sorry if you’re waiting for something in particular. I’ve been trying to be in the real world, getting real stuff done, while ignoring bits I don’t want to think about.

But I couldn’t ignore the EEG appointment this morning. I got a lift there, and the clinic was running early if anything, and once you get past the discomfort of having your head drawn on and things stuck all over your skull, the test itself was quite relaxing. Particularly the three minutes of deep breathing. Although the things stuck on the back of my head meant I couldn’t rest my head back.

Having them pulled out of your hair and the glue rubbed out a little wasn’t ideal either. A mobile hairdresser set up just outside could make a fortune.

I won’t get any feedback on this until after the MRI at the weekend.

Then I’d just missed a bus home so I decided I’d buy a nice drink and sit in the sun and sew. But.

They’d run out of chai syrup in the Starbucks I found. And a woman at the counter was trying to talk to me about how being smacked as a child hadn’t done her any harm. Not a conversation I want to have with a complete stranger. (I do not agree with smacking. ) So I got confused about the drink and said yes to a latte which turned out to be a milky coffee which was so horrid I had to pour it away. And I hadn’t brought a proper needle so sewing was difficult. I did a bit though.


(Can you tell what it is yet? )

And then my phone lost signal so I’d no connection all the way home and it’s £3.40 for a bus ticket (seriously? ) and I barely had time to get Tigerboy ready for communication group and then as we reached the car I remembered we’d taken the car seat out.

We were late. Not very late, but a little. There was an extra parent there who turned out to know someone who used to reenact at kentwell (anyone know a player called Rat?) Tigerboy had a lovely time declining to join in, and he won’t say the words he can say in front of strangers. Could make speech therapy on Friday interesting. Must find the letter to check where it is.

Evening went to pot. I oiled the bowls. Folded yet more washing. And then couldn’t find my book or sewing and lost my temper with Smallest who has mainly managed to use the toilet for two weeks while away but here insists on using the potty.

And then I realised why I was bad tempered. And also realised that I don’t know where my mooncup is. Last seen in a field.

Tomorrow will be another day. Goodnight.

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  1. oh DEAR what a catalogue of minor woes! they all add up don’t they ((((hugs)))

  2. Oh dear Jax, it wasn’t your day was it. Hoping tomorrow is kinder to you. I seem to be having a lot of these kind of days at the moment but we just dust ourselves off don’t we x

  3. Some days just seem to go wrong. I hope you are feeling better and the test results serve to put your mind at rest. If it’s any consolation – I’m chasing my tail with book reviews as well.

  4. Hope you’re not too stressed about the tests – you certainly don’t need all this other stuff as well x

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