LITTLE BEAUTY by Alison Jameson – giveaway.

‘A starkly beautiful and haunting work.’ Donal Ryan, author of The Spinning Heart

A unforgettable story about one woman’s struggle to do the best for her child.

Laura Quinn has lived on the same remote yet beautiful island off the West Coast of Ireland since she was born, and leaving it behind seems the only way for her life to really begin. A year later, Laura is back, and this time she is not alone; the company of her new baby, Matthew, is all she needs. But the consequences of her return are astonishing, and soon Laura has courageous decisions to make – decisions that could last a lifetime and break her heart for ever. Stylish and captivating, Little Beauty tells a powerful story of love, motherhood and one woman’s courage to survive.


Due to recent health blips (meh, feeling much better, thank you) I’m behind on reviewing, so don’t have a review for you for this one.

I do however, have a giveaway of 3 paperback copies. I know, I’m so good to you!

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  1. Crash Into You By Loren Roni

  2. Sounds interesting, I’d love to read a review of it when you have time to read it!

  3. Jo Glasspool says:

    The lovely bones

  4. Johan Ellermann says:

    The Sunfire by Mike Smith.

  5. Semper Fidelis by Ruth Downie

  6. Laura Asplin says:

    Lee child – Persuader

  7. Kelly Harper says:

    cathy glass – damaged

  8. Caroline H says:

    I’ve just finished Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch.

  9. Barbara Handley says:

    Sycamore Row by John Grisham

  10. Emma Baker says:

    Mr. Mercedes -Stephen King

  11. Amy Ripley says:

    The lovely bones!

  12. Mansfield Park!

  13. Patricia Walker says:

    I’ve just finished Murder in a Different Place by Lesley Cookman

  14. Stop already! Another book that you’re tempting me with, not that I need much leading into temptation, but…!

  15. Oh and what I read last was The shaman in stilettos by anna hunt.

  16. the book thief

  17. The Book Thief

  18. rachel eades says:

    A Karen rose book

  19. Game Of Thrones! 🙂

  20. Felicity Smith says:

    Allegiant which is the third in the divergent trilogy. Very interesting but the second book was a slog

  21. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. What a lovely giveaway! 🙂

    Jane x

  22. taming the beast

  23. Amy Beckett says:

    A comic book – Withershins

  24. Tammy Tudor says:

    The compass of now 🙂

  25. Amanda E says:

    Dan Brown – Inferno

  26. jenna rothen says:

    Jennifer saunders- bonkers

  27. i am on the last chapter of The Help by Katherine Stockett

  28. The Book Thief

  29. Rachel Gilbey says:

    The Best Thing that Never Happened to Me by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

  30. Lani Nash says:

    Big Brother by Lionel Schriver

  31. Gone Girl

  32. The Two Week Wait by Sarah Rayner

  33. Lisa Ellison says:

    The fault in our stars by John Green, now I’m reading Atonement by Ian Mcewan

  34. Patricia Avery says:

    The Mouseproof Kitchen – Saira Shah, an emotional roller coaster but I can’t rate it highly enough. Very good debut novel 🙂

  35. Felicity Kelly says:

    I’ve just finished the hunger games again x

  36. Cath Joyce says:

    The Secret Supper Club by Dana Bate

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