Just in case we have a summer – reviewing UV sunsuits from the Beach Factory

way way back, lost in the mists of time, I took Big and Small, when they really were Big and Small, camping, to Hesfes in May. I packed wellies, blankets and sun suits – I don’t like slathering children in chemicals, I’d far rather go for clothing based protection. Turned out we needed the blankets and the suits – it was baking in the day and freezing overnight!

Fast forward 10 years to life at the seaside with 4 children and I don’t feel any differently. I’d far rather use UV suits to protect delicate skins, insist on hats, and keep out of the midday sun, than slap on an all day protection and forget about it. For one thing, I’m not convinced all day works. And for another, I’d rather that they did actually get *some* vit D.

My children are outside a lot – it’s one of the benefits of home education that if the weather is nice, you can go out in it instead of waiting for a convenient time for it to rain. And we live near the beach – I may have mentioned this before – and we spend a fair bit of time down there. So I leapt at the chance to review UV wear from The Beach Factory, and was thrilled when we were sent kit for all four children.

Tigerboy has a fetching all in one Dudeskin, with a shark (A Dudeskin). He loves it. Sharks say raaargh, apparently. He has worn it most days I think, since it arrived, unconcerned with whether the weather is good or bad. Which means I can be relaxed about him pootling around the garden, although getting him to wear a hat is more of a challenge.

Smallest has a sun top in turqoise with a pink logo. She’s rather fond of it too, and has worn it a fair bit. Both bits of kit are standing up pretty well to toddler wear and tear, although sadly the sunsuit does not appear to be biro repellant. Sigh. Got to love toddlers, right?

For Big and Small, there were T shirts. Small’s is a good fit – long on him, so no riding up to display bits of his back which is a pet hate with these things. Big’s is the only one that wasn’t ideal in fact – it has quite a high cut neck, and although it is an adult size, it really isn’t very generous around the chest. She’s going through more of a baggy than fitted phase at the moment, so this didn’t really suit. (Shame, as she looks fabulous in it.)

Other than that small quibble, I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the shirts, and I think you can tell that they look pretty good in the sun.

(I should point out that while I’ve said I insist on hats, there are no hats in these pictures as they were taken after 5 in the afternoon. Basically, no hats required!)

four on the beach in uv suits

dudeskin uv sunsuit with shark

roxy womens pink uv rash shirt

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  1. I’m curious, so you suncream the bits of arms & legs that the suits don’t cover?

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Yes, you do need to consider any bits sticking out as it were. In the past I’ve either used long sleeved UV or bought larger ones to get more cover as well.

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