Learning from sewing

I lost a week last week, a week that I’d got a lot of sewing lined up for.

So now I’m sewing through the headache. I’ve discovered that if I sit outside the headache is lower – today is the first day I haven’t needed any painkillers. (I’ve even managed to cut down on the chocolate. I must be getting better.)

No appointment in the post today. If there’s nothing tomorrow I’ll be tracking down the referral. Again.

However, all sewing is a learning experience. Today I have learnt how to darn. Sort of.

I have learnt that wool seams can be hard enough to rub through linen linings.

I have learnt that I should require all wearers of costume to inventory it at the *end* of events, so that I have time to work out how to fix it.

I have learnt that I should require children to try on their costume in front of me, rather than taking their word for it on fit. (It doesn’t).

Now, if I can only figure out how to fit two weeks or more of work into three days, I’ll have it all cracked.



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