Not a lot going on.

I’ve had a headache for nearly 4 days now, so I’m not getting a whole lot done.

I did a seam of Big’s bodies. Read a couple of books to small children. And slept. Done a lot of extra sleeping.

Oh, and there was another trip to the GP, to see whether a 4 day headache is a standard complication from a faint. I think it’s not. And I was really unhappy to hear that the referral to the first fit clinic hasn’t actually been sent in yet.

Tomorrow we’re complaining about that.

But tonight, I’m going to go and do some more of that sleeping. Oh, I did pop some pictures up on a beautiful blog if you want a peak.

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  1. Feel better soon xxxx

  2. Oh dear that sounds rough. Hope you’re feeling better today?

    • Jax Blunt says:

      At the moment I have an echo of a headache rather than actually having a headache if that makes sense.

      And thank you for asking.

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