100 home ed days.

I’ve generally stayed away from the various #100days tags and memes I’ve seen floating around out there, because my track record with keeping going with things to completion is not good. (Witness the lack of 300PBs updates recently :/) But when Tech aka creatively paleo suggested on Instagram that we have a #100homeeddays tag, I thought that just maybe I might enjoy it.

I’m not keeping count. I’m aware that there will be days I’ll miss when we’re away. Days that I’ll share more than one pic. But all of that is OK. I’m really OK with it.

You can find me on instagram if you like, surprise surprise, I’m liveotherwise there too. My pictures are being shared slightly randomly across other social networks too, so you may well see them pop up on facebook, or twitter, or G+. But that’s OK, right?

Pictures so far.

Yesterday morning, Tigerboy and Smallest playing with the Green Board Games first snap game. Tigerboy emptied them out on to the table, and then picked one up and said Moon. I knew he said moon anyway, the n isn’t terribly clear, so other people might have thought he was moo-ing 😉

shape snap green board games

And then this morning, there was some CBeebies computer action.

Cbeebies Big and Small

Now, I’m aware that technically these two children aren’t old enough to be classed as home educated. But #100prehomeeddays is a bit of a mouthful, and would mean I wouldn’t catch up with everyone else using the tag. I’ll try to slot in some pics of Big and Small at some points too 😉

And there might be the occasional outing, or even, heaven forbid, actual educational activity with resources and stuff.

I’m hoping (sorry Anne Marie) to sort out some montessori stuff fairly soon, and that will make for some great pics. And I’ll definitely get round to printing out some more Twinkl stuff and I’m drooling over the Julia Donaldson Songbird phonics set on the book people (who currently have a flash sale on, ends midnight tonight (Thurs) now extended to Fri! I think)

So there you go. That’s my plan for opening a little window on our home ed – taking the blog back to its roots as it were.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

(This is an affiliate banner. If you buy through it, I benefit, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. (Books, beautiful, beautiful books….))

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I’m the same with the meme, there will be days when I miss it but I’m going to try.
    What’s this Julia Donaldson set of which you speak? It sounds amazing and I’m certainly going to find out more as we love her books. Have your little ones tried ‘Teachmymonstertoread.com’ ? We came across it yesterday via the Usborne website and my lo is now hooked plus it is free – Yey!
    I’m looking forward to finding out about your Montessori adventures as it’s something we haven’t tried yet and I keep wondering whether my 4 year old might benefit from this method of education.
    Thanks again- I just thought that it would be useful to everyone to meet in one place each week to share. Let’s see how it goes:) #homeedlink-up

  2. Cute pictures, I hope you carry on with this!

  3. What a really great idea. I am on instagram the most now I think so shall look out for your pictures 🙂

  4. Cool thanks for sharing!

    • Jax Blunt says:

      I popped it into the fb group too, and have shouted on Twitter. Should be a few more joining in.

  5. Lovely photos.
    I love the Green Board Games.
    Looking forward to seeing the Montessori stuff, too (no pressure 😉 )!

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