Saturday Snippets 26 April 2014

{feeling} very odd. I’ve got something strange going on – maybe inner ear related. I feel a bit light headed while sitting down, but every time I stand up I fall over. Which is awkward.

{running} before this came on, I did my best run possibly ever, trimming my time for 1.2 miles down to 10 min 53 seconds. I haven’t been tracking what I’m doing as I tend to get a bit obsessional over it. On top of my Pilates and continuing #slimpod use, I feel that I’m starting to see a difference. I snuck on the scales this week on the offchance and woohoo, I’m losing weight. Although for me it’s more about strengthening the core, building fitness and losing inches – but I’ve been having problems coming to terms with carrying extra weight. And now maybe I don’t have to.

{watching} I Spy for #familyfilmnight. Turned out we hadn’t watched it before. It’s not great, but has a few funny moments, so bearable altogether.

{enjoying} photography. But if you want to know more about that, you’ll have to pop over to a beautiful blog

{planning} bookcases. Got an unexpected cash payback from a compensation scheme for card insurance. Not enough to do anything desperately exciting with, but enough to buy some bookcases to fit out one side of the room. Which should massively improve our storage and remove a lot of clutter, hopefully.

{regretting} not posting #52memories last week. 🙁

{musing} It’s been a sad week this week – I had a family funeral to go to. And when I saw my parents, picked up the Christmas presents for the children, sent by the aunt who had died. Lots of good memories in there, but a fair bit of grief too.

last christmas present

Big did another mini at Kentwell, in the still room. Small was an absolute star during the weekend helping me with the younger ones. Smallest has been spending a lot of time on Reading Eggs, but oddly has gone off maths seeds. Tigerboy briefly had an extra word, up, but he seems to have forgotten it again. Worth mentioning though, as a new sound, having p at the end of a word.

If you’d like to share your snippets I’d love to read them.

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  1. Sounds like a tough week. I hope you are feeling better soon. Well done Tigerboy on your new sound 🙂

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