Got a dinosaur fan? Walking with dinosaurs – review and free dinosaur activities

If you have a dinosaur fan in your house, Walking with Dinosaurs, the movie is probably something you’re considering. Quality wise it is right up there with the original Walking with Dinosaurs, although the pausing of the action to zero in on a dinosaur and give you its vital statistics is a little disorienting in the middle of a narrative.

For the adults, this may jar a little. It’s very odd to have such an American voice in what was a BBC documentary, and the narrator, a wise cracking bird by the name of Alex, would be pie if I got my hands on him. (No, not a fan.) There were also uncomfortable Bambi-esque undertones as daddy dinosaur doesn’t quite make it through the fire in the forest, and we’re never told what happened to mummy, she’s just never seen again. (It didn’t look good.)

The romantic aspects of the story will probably bypass the younger viewers, while causing excruciating embarrassment in the age 10 ish group, or they did in our house. (This may or may not be a bad thing depending on how amusing you find excruciating embarrassment šŸ˜‰ ) All in all, the visuals are what redeems this one – and we’re considering watching it again with the sound off, and each choosing a character to narrate. Yes, we think we can do better šŸ˜‰

Having said all that, dinosaurs are always a popular topic, and this is beautifully done, so it is still worth a look for the die hard dinosaur fanatic. And if you’re looking for some extra activities to help fill the holidays. I’m pleased to give you a hand.

Here’s have a memory game for you to play (you might need to full screen, it’s a bit big!)

And you can download printable dinosaur related activity sheets from, with the username dinosaurs2 and password 55G6gmrX (available until 2/6)

So there you go, let me know how you go on with it all!

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