Saturday snippets 12 April 2014

{Watching} walking with dinosaurs the movie. Mixed reactions, but full review, with bonus features 😉 to come on Tuesday.

{Feeling} sore both physically and emotionally. Post pilates week two, I’m feeling that it was a core and neck workout. I also feel that my posture is improving and I’m moving better (didn’t feel like a disjointed puppet this morning on my run). Emotionally, I got another letter about diagnosis process the other day, and it’s as if the first appt didn’t happen. Which leaves me feeling extremely strung out and vulnerable. Add on the death in extended family where I’m feeling guilty that the young children never met her (can’t think that they did anyway) and it’s been a tough couple of days.

{Eating} simple foods. And much less chocolate. Am trying to listen to my body’s needs instead of my habits wanting. Is hard, even with #slimpod help.

{Reading} Milly Molly Mandy as a new bedtime story. (Which won’t actually do our #300PBs challenge total any good at all. ) Smallest is really into it, Paddington wasn’t a good first chapter book, this is suiting her perfectly.

{Experimenting} with photography. You can see what I’m up to over at a beautiful blog if you want to.

{Wishing} that there was a manual. A set of rules. I’m so tired of just never getting it.


Big is building her first website for someone else from scratch. Small has completed his first MOOC course, and is showing a real maturity in everyday life. Smallest has discovered workbooks. I’m not sure this is a good thing. And Tigerboy has become my first child to require emergency treatment at the walk in, cutting his eyebrow. This is an achievement in that he was absolutely marvellous – held the dressing on as we went there, lay quietly while he was treated and has mainly left it alone since. Today another first from him, as he crawled around the floor miaowing and pretending to be a cat. Imaginative play. Tick.

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  1. *big hugs* sounds like it’s been a bit of a tough week

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