300PBs week 14


There’s one reread in that heap, and one book that didn’t make it in. The open one was interesting – Usborne first words for school. Smallest keeps mentioning how you have to go to school to learn, which I think she’s mainly got from every bit of media that surrounds her (sigh) so I took great delight in pointing out that we do all the things in the book up to the music page, and we can do music and will. So piano lessons this week, along with some singalong shaker time I think 😉

So our count there is 7 I’d say.

I’m going to include last week’s
John Burningham, The shopping basket.
Jinnie Ghost (this is a particularly beautiful one if you’ve a little one scared of the night, bad dreams or ghosts. Wonderful reinterpretation of it all, courtesy of Berlie Doherty.)
The storm whale.
The tobermory cat.
Princess Smartypants.
Kitty helps out.
Oh, and 4 Axel Sheffer board noisy board books that we won!

That’ll have to do, given that the library system has decided to lock me out and I can’t currently find my library card. Sigh. So

Our numeric tally.
17 picture books read making 159/300 (52%)
Books bought – 0
Prizes – 4.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 6 I think (117? cumulative not sure this is right.)

week the last

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