Saturday snippets 5 April 2014

{writing} a few sentences. Every book has to start somewhere, right?

{photographing} books in the garden. And wishing I had a better camera. But the next blog earnings are already tagged for bookshelves. Ah well. One day.

{winning} train tickets. Two. Return to anywhere on First Great Western I think it is. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’m tempted to take Tigerboy and just enjoy a train ride. Just me and the baby. That might be quite cool.

{suffering} from the after effects of the first Pilates session yesterday. Apparently it was mainly focused on the glutes with a side order of upper back stiffness. Although tonight it seems that the lower core is joining in with a little ache. This is all good. I think.

{running} through the stiffness.

{eating} less. I’m working with Thinking Slimmer again. This time I’m using the drop two jeans size. I’ve been listening to it for three weeks, and noticing an increased motivation to exercise, and then today, I just haven’t been hungry. A few times I’ve found myself considering eating, but realising it was out of habit rather than need, so I just didn’t. Interesting. No size or weight change yet, but I’d rather that was built on exercise and eating changes than quick wins anyway.

{watching} frozen. Tigerboy loved the first half then fell asleep, smallest adored it until she got a crick in her neck, Small hated it with a passion and the rest of us were a bit meh. Might have been different if I could have made out the lyrics, but I couldn’t.


Big is getting to grips with Ubuntu. Small finished a difficult review item, and wrote a thorough review of it (check his blog. Smallest finished the first map in Reading Eggs, although when she did the quiz it said she needs to do it again! Tigerboy is gradually extending his sounds. We have a pees for please now. He only ever says things when asked but capers and giggles so excitedly when he does manage.

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  1. is that extra large bubble wrap? such a cute photo. I wish I was as motivated to exercise as you!

    • Jax Blunt says:

      It is. Kids have loved playing with it, it doesn’t pop if you jump on it though.

      I just want to feel fit and healthy. Exercise seems the way forward.

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