Saturday snippets 22 March 2014

{Wearing} a kirtle. First open day at kentwell Hall, preparing for this year’s reenactment season.

{Talking} to friends and new participants. Catching up with people I haven’t seen all winter. Meeting people I’ve never met before.

{Spending} ouch money on new (and secondhand) shoes. They are lovely though.

{Feeling} cold and tired. Sun was bright, but the wind was cold. Very cold.

{Watching} Ender’s game finally for #familyfilmnight. Surprisingly violent in very discrete parts, I think if you haven’t read the book the film would be difficult to follow and if you have it’s a bit of a letdown. Visually stunning though, and the climax had me heart in mouth despite (because of?) my awareness of the plot. Lots of discussion of this one round the dinner table

{Eating} takeout. First time in months. Takeaway place still recognised me and remembered our order. Oops.



Big and I had a lovely trip to London for her first author event. Small enjoyed kentwell more than he expected today. Smallest has enjoyed a lot of outdoor time this week, she is a very outdoor child. Tigerboy used the potty tonight.

Linky tomorrow. Can’t face trying to insert from phone.

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  1. My goodness……those smalls are certainly getting big and are mighty cute xx

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