300 Picture books week 11.


Last week I featured Satoshi Kitamura, and I kind of had this idea that I’d feature an author or illustrator each week from now. Of course, that would require actually choosing a set of books, and planning ahead.

I think we all know by now that didn’t happen.

Plans, in this house, are a shortcut to disappointment. So probably just as well I hadn’t mentioned it out loud really.

What did happen was a library trip, where we read 14 board books in one marathon session. 2 of them were duplicates, but that’s still 12 books!


We’ve also read
Katie Morag and the new pier.
Something about meerkats (Meerkat Mail?)
Up in heaven. (I dripped right the way through.)
Driver Dan Not now Norman
Driver Dan and they’re off. (there are copies of these up for grabs in my Read52 catch up and giveaway.)
And at least a couple of others currently stashed down the side of the bed, so I’m not going to go and check right now.

Our numeric tally.
19 picture books read making 142/300 (48%)
Books bought – 0
Prizes – 0.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 20 I think (111? cumulative not sure this is right.)

See week 10

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