Saturday snippets 15 March 2014

{enjoying} the sunshine – it makes such a difference to my mood. And the children. Being able to get them outside is fantastic.

{posting} little bits of happiness, I hope. #payitforward if you can.

{visiting} the library, where we read 14 picture books. And borrowed a whole bunch more, despite the computers being down. And displayed extreme self control by *not* buying the several copies of Harry Potter that we don’t own, that they were selling off for 10p a go. (Poor books. I will not go back tomorrow and rehome them.)

{missing} Big who is in Yorkshire visiting friends. Feels very odd here without her. Shades of days to come I suppose.

{watching} Thor, the dark world. And quite frankly, wondering why. It’s boring. I don’t think even Small is really enjoying it. We’re not very good at stopping part way through anything though.

{pondering} yet more on the Basic Income. I really don’t understand why the something for nothing argument is employed. I’m hoping there will be some discussion on it all that might enlighten me. I obviously don’t really understand the work ethic argument either.

playing trains

Big has travelled on trains a little further than ever before – her first trip in first class too 🙂 Small is growing into his big brother position every day – he is adorable with the little ones. Smallest is incredibly creative, she wakes up every day and describes her dreams. And Tigerboy? He is trying, so very hard, with his sounds. It’s only sounds, not words. But it’s coming.

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  1. Glad the linky is back – I’ll be back later.

  2. getting out in the sunshine seems to brighten everyones mood! The photo is adorable

  3. You’ve inspired me to get snippeting. I love yours, and now I’ve done one and I feel all end-of-weekend-smug. Hooray.

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