300 picture books week 10 featuring Satoshi Kitamura.


We’ve not done a lot of reading this week, what we have done is focus on a couple of books by Satoshi Kitamura.

The first is Millie’s Marvellous Hat. This is fabulous. Millie spends all of her (non existent) money on an imaginary hat. She then gradually realises that everyone has a hat. There’s loads to look at and talk about, and I love when the hat sings (which has similarities with Igor, the bird who couldn’t sing). Both of the children loved imagining their own hats and tomorrow I’m going to suggest that we make hats out of paper to decorate.


The second book by this author is sheep in wolves clothing. This has a very different feel to it, with three sheep travelling to the beach for a swim and having their coats stolen in the process. Thankfully a detective sheep and some cats come to the rescue.

Again there’s lots to look at and talk about, and the way different animals are depicted is great fun. Wolves who knit, cats who play rugby, very odd and yet it all works.

We also have Stone Age boy which Smallest adores, which is different again, being in some parts almost like a text book.

Along with these we’ve read
The Snail and the Whale
The perfect hug
My special bedtime bear
Pirate dinosaurs in Smugglers Bay.

So still 6 books, keeping us ticking along.

Our numeric tally.
6 picture books read making 123/300 (42%)
Books bought – 1
Prizes – 0.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 0 (91? cumulative not sure this is right.)

See week 9

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  1. These look really great, I’m not familiar with the titles but I feel a book purchase coming on!

  2. I’ve heard of Millie’s Marvellous Hat but never read it – think we will be doing now. We have just joined in this week; we’ve probably read almost 300 already this year, but it’s so lovely to keep a track and pinch ideas from other book lovers. The Snail and The Whale and Stone Age Boy are just brilliant!

    • I think it’s a great idea, and I’m really enjoying making sure that we’re reading lots of different books, rather than just the same ones over and over.

  3. As anyone who has read my blog can tell – I really have a thing about stone age fiction – and Stone Age Boy is for us one of the absolute best books ever!

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