First beach trip of the year with my own little Dora the Explorer and her Backpack

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Dora the Explorer has been a part of the family here for more years than I care to remember. Big used to watch it and speak Spanish to me. Smallest tells me it has taught her how to use rope to climb a mountain. (Must remember to put the rope away before she does go mountaineering.) So being asked to shop for Dora products at Argos with Collective Bias was right up our street.

making a choiceBefore we went to the shop, I prepared online – I love that you can check the stock at your local store before you set off, and easily reserve it for pickup later on, getting your reservation details with no extra cost by text or email. I really didn’t need to get there with an excited 4 year old and find out that what she wanted wasn’t available!

This does mean that having her go through the catalog was slightly fraudulent 😉 however, it’s part of the Argos experience isn’t it? I think otherwise Smallest was a bit confused by the lack of shelves, as there’s only one toy display in store. She was definitely attracted by it though!

can't we have just one The process of buying the toy confused her even further. We went to the till and paid, but without handing anything over? (At this point I was using the reservation number handily texted to my mobile phone!) Then all we were given was a piece of paper?

She wasn’t at all convinced. Thankfully it was a very short wait before the box arrived on the shelves, and then she really lit up. That’s for me?

It really was.

backpack in box

Next stop, the beach. It was a glorious day yesterday, the first day we could contemplate a beach outing, so I wasn’t passing up on the chance. Especially as the beach is about two minutes walk from Argos 😉

I'll just check the map
So that was us for the next hour on the sand. With Backpack, obviously. She had every piece out – checking for directions on Map. Narrating her own little adventures, as her brothers scampered around and drew in the sand, and thankfully didn’t paddle – it really wasn’t that warm!

As I unwrapped it on the beach, I didn’t have chance to check the packaging closely – it’s just as well I hadn’t mentioned the talking aspect of it, as it appears that the description on Argos’ website is out of date, and this version of backpack doesn’t talk. As far as I’m concerned that’s a bonus, I’m not that fond of talking toys. I was glad I hadn’t bothered with buying the recommended batteries though. Smallest didn’t even seem to mind that there aren’t actually any backpack straps so you can’t wear him (her? it?), which I thought might be a problem. I can see why there aren’t – basically, it’s a plastic box, and strapping that to your back probably not the best of ideas. I was still surprised that there aren’t, as even the packaging shows Dora wearing hers.

The key is a big draw though – being able to lock it up. As of yet it hasn’t gone missing, the little slot in the side handy for keeping it safe, though how long that will last I’m not sure 😉

I've still got the key

So that was our first beach trip of the year. Definitely a big hit, enhanced by the Argos detour, and getting my little Dora her very own Backpack. I can see this being a popular addition to the family all round.

backpack on the beach

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  1. How cute is she and the bag matches her perfectly x

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