Saturday snippets 1 March 2014

{Wondering} where the year is going. 4 days til Tigerboy is 2.

{Enjoying} a morning mostly round the kitchen table with crafting and sticking.

{Reading} The Great pet sale, two monsters and if I can find it, the second Ally Condie book. Crossed?

{watching} The Doctor Who movie, trying out Amazon Prime instant movies. Streamed fine. Not a particularly good film, shame really.

{Shopping} Lidl this week. Peaceful oasis in comparison to last week’s trip to Aldi.

{Feeling} irritated that I’ve only managed one bag of decluttering this week. Must try harder.



Big took some beautiful pictures of Smallest this week, you can see them on her blog. Small started a programming course and did great. Smallest finally moved on lessons at mathseeds and Tigerboy has been practising sounds. Vvvvvv is a particular favourite.

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  1. such a cute photo, lovely post 🙂

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