Saturday snippets 22 February 2014

{Standing} very still for quite a long time while my friend draped fabric around me for a toile. I now have pattern pieces for my body, which I can use for linen bodies and waist coat. The new sewing season is begun.

{Learning} again what a felled seam is. I may have to draw a diagram, but I understood how it works for a few minutes and that’s a huge step forward for me.

{Regretting} shopping at Aldi in town on a Saturday afternoon. It was beyond packed and having the staff partially blocking every aisle with bins or pallets didn’t really enhance it.

{Reading} the Blue Balloon for tonight’s #300PBs instalment. Rather better than last night’s. :/ I’ve also finished my next review book, so I think that means I get to read something off my want to read list. Human division or the Fearless? Decisions, decisions.

{Watching} the forbidden kingdom. Martial arts fantasy adventure with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. It was excellent.

{eating} home made burgers. Not as good as last week’s evening out, but not at all bad.



Big has done some creative stuff this week that I think she’s pleased with. Small has kept himself gainfully employed throughout and has really enjoyed a Prehistoric expedition science kit we’ve been reviewing. Smallest has been doing some great drawing and they tend to have letters with them too now. Small has made a lot more sounds, even if we’re still waiting for words.

Love to hear how your day and week has been. Linky tools is down right now but feel free to leave a comment linking back to your post.

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  1. Laughing about your ‘regret’; loving the tips in your ‘watching’; and flip… you must read really really fast!!! Just saw your 52 book post 😉
    …How on earth do you have time to read AND blog!!? 🙂

  2. I must admit I’ve been somewhat befuddled by the numbers of people I’ve seen for whom 52 books in a year seems an impossible task. But then I took a reading speed test the other week and my reading speed is rather ridiculous and I read faster than about 90% of people, so erm, yeah, I think I understand why now ??

  3. I think any shop on a Saturday afternoon is pure torture isn’t it?! Sounds like you have had a mostly good week and lovely that Tigerboy is making more and more sounds 🙂 Here is my Snippets from this week..

  4. not sure if I do felled seams right or not but am working on the principle that Pol’s shifts (with what I think are felled seams… I could be wrong though) held up to the washer women far better than the ones I did by hemming first then whipping together (and it’s one less line of stitching which is always a good thing)

    Forbidden Kingdom is one of our favourites

  5. Oooh that reminds me I must watch Forbidden kingdom
    Claire toplis recently posted…Strawberry Bundt CakeMy Profile


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