300 Picture books week 7


I didn’t do a draft post, so these are the titles I can remember off the top of my head tonight. I know it’s not a complete list, we’ve read at least two books every day to the best of my memory, so I was expecting around 14 titles. I don’t want to risk disturbing the little ones by going and rootling in the bedside pile right now, so I’m going to leave it here til the morning.

Ahhah! Sudden flash of inspiration, most of what we’ve read are library books, and I can look in our account…

Shine moon, shine.
George and the Dragon.
Eliza and the moonchild
The willow pattern story.
Perfect Present.
Pumpkin Soup.
Up and Down.
Dark dark tale.
I love you Blue Kangaroo
London buggy book. (This was a prize from Being a mummy – thanks!)
Harold and the purple crayon.
That’s not my pirate.

that's not my pirate

Tigerboy adores Harold and the purple crayon. We’ve read it several times now. Harold looks like him. I know it’s a five in a row book – can’t help feeling that both the little ones would benefit from that home ed approach.

So, our numeric tally. picture books read 14 making 80/300 (27%)
Books bought – 0.
Prizes – 1.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 10 (58? cumulative not sure this is right. Actually fairly convinced it isn’t. I have the receipts somewhere.)

Week 6.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve registered all our books read so far either, but I think I can work out if any are missing from the piles of books scattered upstairs (having recently done a book tidy, the only books out of the shelves are ones we’re recently read!) Thank-you for linking up with #300PBs 🙂

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