What would you pay for the chance to spend the day on Downton Abbey set?

I get the oddest emails via the blog. Win the chance to visit the set of Downton Abbey? This is to support a charity fundraising for the Philippines.

I checked out the Omaze site – it looks kind of like Kickstarter – you get different awards for different amounts of money. But instead of going to an individual or company, your money goes to charity. And someone wins the grand prize, which in this case is all expenses paid, flight thrown in, day on the set with the cast of Downton Abbey. (You can get extra entries for using a referral link. Although I don’t know what happens if you haven’t actually paid for any entries. Yes, I’m using a referral link – I’m curious to see whether any of you actually sign up if nothing else. I’m guessing you won’t though!)

It’s an interesting charity idea. I suppose it’s just an extension of those irritating raffle tickets that come through the post regularly, that you’re supposed to flog to your friends and then send the money back, for the chance of winning a hamper. (Does anyone ever buy any of those? Or is it only me that gets them? I’ve no idea how I end up on all these odd mailing lists.) And there’s some fantastic experiences on offer. I quite fancy seeing Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for example, although I doubt I’d manage to form a coherent sentence in the same room as them.

Maybe I ought to stick to the Downton Abbey experience. Not that I’ve ever watched it. Am I missing something there?

Anyway, what do you reckon? Would you stick a fiver in for the chance of any of those prizes?

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