Saturday snippets 1 February 2014

Yes, yes, I know it’s Sunday. I was just so tired last night that I fell into bed without writing these up, but if I don’t, I’ll have a hole and that would be bad. So

{wondering} where the day went.

{finally} actually taking the decluttered mugs to charity.

{playing} briefly outside, then warming up again with hot chocolate.

{ferrying} children around to swimming club events. Presentation night this time.

{missing} family film night, which was held by Tim for the three younger children. They had an early tea of spag bol and dough balls, then watched Lego Batman rise of the Justice League. Or some such. Apparently it was quite funny. But not very funny. So I don’t think I missed much.

{feeling} very proud of my biggest offspring.

presentation evening

Big won a bronze award for fly at the presentation evening. She was very pleased with it. Small enjoyed his first social outing with the swim club, despite the child who insisted on following him around telling him he shouldn’t be there :/ Smallest read me a book this week – the first Bob book. Tigerboy is loving a Montessori tree jigsaw.

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