300 Picture books week 3

I did really well the last two weeks and started a draft post early and kept it updated daily. I was also reviewing things daily on shingle Street.

This week I’ve done neither of those things. And we went to the library and while we were there we read about 10 board books. As well as bringing home 13 books. And there have been new books from the Faber event we attended. And books we had here. And books at the leisure centre.


I think it’s possible we may have read 30 books this week. I have notes, and pictures, but I haven’t compiled them yet.

Basically, we’re well on target.

A few titles.
Good Knight, sleep tight.
Eric! The hero?
Pesky pirates
Kipper’s snowy day.
Hog in the Fog
Squishy McFluff.

I’ll try to add the rest of the links and some pictures tomorrow when my head doesn’t hurt quite so much.

So, our numeric tally. 15 picture books read 31/300 (10%)
Books bought – 0.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 13 (24 cumulative)

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  1. I have many weeks where I completely lose track, but try to let go and just put down the ones we remember. Sounds like a wonderful bookish week, wish I’d made the Faber event too. But I’m replying to 2 week old entries so I’m never up to date 🙂

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